Stem Cell Therapy helps people avoid surgery every day. Don’t go under the knife without considering a regenerative medicine procedure to achieve relief and repair!
MAPS Pain Centers offers Board Certified doctors at several convenient metro Chicago locations who are experts in stem cell procedures. Outpatient, Low Risk, & Effective for your sports injuries, arthritis and overuse conditions.

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MAPs Pain Centers has always been on the cutting edge of pain relief options, and that includes stem cell options for all types of soft tissue, bone and joint disorders.

Fellowship Trained, Board Certified pain physicians at seven locations offering expertise in multiple types of outpatient stem cell therapies!

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MAPS Pain Centers provides stem cell procedures for pain relief with regeneration and repair of the damaged area, which helps patients avoid possibly risky surgeries.

This includes options for Bone Marrow and Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy, Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy, and PRP Therapy.

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Whether you suffer from an overuse or sports injury, arthritis, tendonitis/ligament injury, chronic neck or back pain, then stem cell treatment can dramatically help you.

Stem Cell therapy is now mainstream and available at our seven locations. Don't accept your status quo, call MAPS Pain Centers to achieve relief and avoid surgery today!

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Stem Cells are the future of medicine, and guess what? The FUTURE is HERE! Effective and safe state-of-the-art technology, now being offered at MAPS Pain Centers.
MAPS offers Double Board Certified, Fellowship Trained physicians offering the stem cell therapies that are minimal risk, outpatient and help patients avoid surgery.
“Is this the treatment I would want for my family members?” That is the question our physicians ask themselves, and with stem cell treatment the answer is a resounding YES!

Stem Cell Options at MAPS Pain Centers.

MAPS Pain Centers offers four different kinds of stem cell treatments. This includes PRP therapy, adipose stem cell treatments, amniotic stem cell therapy and bone marrow derived stem cell treatment.  We know stem cell procedures for arthritis, sports/overuse injuries and tendon/ligament injury.

The various regenerative medicine options are customized to each patient and get you back to desired activities faster!

Currently treatment is being offered throughout the metro Chicago area. Increasing research is showing just how well the procedures work for cartilage regeneration, ligament injury, meniscal tears and more.

We offer regenerative treatments for degenerative disc disease, spinal arthritis and extremity arthritis (hip, knee, shoulder etc). Get your stem cell treatment from the Best Pain Centers in the ENTIRE Chicago metro area, call (888) 885-8675 today!

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The paradigm for the treatment of bone and joint conditions is evolving, and stem cell treatments are now cutting edge and mainstream. With surgery having lengthy rehab along with potential complications, regenerative medicine is now the best option for those desiring to obtain relief and function without it.

Conventional treatments offer pain relief by placing a proverbial “band-aid” over the issue. Why not heal it faster and more completely with a treatment that is safe and effective? Call MAPS Pain Centers today for a regenerative medicine consult at any of our seven Chicago metro locations!