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Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy Often Fails

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy Often Fails

Stem Cell Therapy Knee
Every month I perform about 20 stem cell seminars nationwide at our Partner Centers of Excellence. There are a couple questions I get routinely asked, so I thought it would be a good idea to discuss them here.
The first question is an easy one. I had a knee replacement, it has not been successful, is it possible to undo the procedure? The answer is obviously no. The ends of the joints have already been removed and replaced with plastic, metal and cement. While it is true that most knee replacements have an excellent outcome, it does need to be understood it’s an end game procedure. That bridge is burned and there is no going back!
The second question I get frequently is regarding bone marrow stem cell therapy. Many patients over the age of 50 at our seminars, will tell me that bone marrow stem cell therapy did not work for them. The next question is, will umbilical cord tissue be a better option?
The first thing I explain to these folks is that after the age of 50, the amount of stem cells in a patient’s bone marrow drops by 90%! Of course, this is not information usually told to individuals. So the low stem cell numbers produce a sub-par outcome.
The answer is at our centers absolutely that umbilical cord tissue may work well when bone marrow has failed. The Biologics that our centers utilize have an extensive amount of live regenerative cells. This is very different than the amount of regenerative cells we have in our own bone marrow after the age of 50. That amount has dropped by over 90%, so it really makes no sense for anyone over the age of 50 to undergo a bone marrow stem cell procedure.
When processed properly, umbilical cord tissue has millions upon millions of growth factors, cytokines, Stem Cells, exosomes, secretomes and more.
With the potential for chronic pain along with the ridiculously low cell counts, people are fooling themselves if they think bone marrow stem cell therapy is a good idea after the age of 50. People should really consider umbilical cord tissue therapy as a better option. The R3 Stem Cell Centers of Excellence nationwide have highly experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable providers.

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