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Learn everything you need to know about the ever expanding field of regenerative medicine in this Eight Part Series that includes over Four hours of entertaining content!

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R3 Stem Cell is now offering an international clinic in Tijuana which offers safe, effective stem cell therapy at a cost less than half the US!

FREE Stem Cell Consultation

All R3 Centers offer a no cost consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative cell therapies including cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, secretomes and stem cells. Contact R3 today!

Provider Partnership

The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an All-in-One Regenerative practice program including marketing, products and IRB Approved protocols and Research studies.

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Our Fort Worth, Texas Center

The main goal of our Fort Worth Center is to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible throughout their entire treatment process. We do this by ensuring each step of their regenerative therapy procedure is fully explained. We also aim to ensure our patients are shown every option before making a decision. We always recommend patients take a look at our website and educate themselves about what we offer before visiting in person. R3 Stem Cell is the only US company that the Institutional Review Board has approved for the investigation of regenerative therapies with amniotic and umbilical cord tissue for various ailments. Here at our Fort Worth, TX office, we hope to get you feeling your best as soon as possible. If you think you may be a candidate for regenerative therapy, come in for you free consultation today.

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Who Is Regenerative Therapy For?

Many people are not sure whether or not they are candidates for regenerative therapy. For this reason, if you think you may be a candidate, we recommend you stop by our Fort Worth center for a consultation. Regenerative therapy techniques utilize a patient’s physiology in order to heal the body. For this reason, these techniques can be used in a wide range of people. In addition, stem cells have the ability to differentiate into any kind of cell in the body. This means regenerative therapy can be used to treat a wide range of ailments as well. R3 has helped tens of thousands of people through the use of cutting edge medical technology. R3 offers a plethora of stem cell procedures and PRP therapies. This should inspire confidence in all of our patients. We aim to fill our clinic with medical professionals who have extensive knowledge in this new field of therapy.

What Types of Regenerative Therapies Are Available?

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Oftentimes, people view the term regenerative therapy as being synonymous with stem cells. However, many advanced techniques have been developed, researched, and extensively tested that are different from stem cell therapy. Here in Fort Worth, Texas, we offer a wide range of treatment therapies that can be used depending on a patient’s specialized treatment plan. Some of these therapies include:


MicroRNAs: MicroRNAs are small fragments of genetic material that are present in nearly all living organisms. At our Fort Worth center, we use microRNAs to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of various ailments.

Growth Factors: Every person’s body produces growth factors to heal damaged tissues and wounds. Growth factors, in the form of injections, have been shown to speed up the healing process using the body’s own immune system.

Exosomes: Each cell makes precious proteins, chemicals and other factors needed to support healthy tissues. The body uses exosomes to transport these substances throughout the body. This form of therapy can be more appealing to patients looking to live their best and healthiest life.

The above are just a few of the unique options we have available to you in Fort Worth. Please come visit us to learn more about R3 and the variety of procedures available to you.

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How Is R3 Fort Worth Different From Other Stem Cell Options?

A Fort Worth man gets back to golfing after stem cell therapiesHere at our Fort Worth, Texas office, we truly care about each patient we see. This is why we take an ultra-personalized approach, as opposed to the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach of many other pain management treatment options. We have a very strong track record, showing an 85% success rate in improving the quality of life of our patients. Our main goal is to get you feeling your best, in the shortest time possible. We do this by treating the actual cause of the ailment, as opposed to simply just the symptoms it creates.

All of our products are FDA approved and our therapies are backed by published research studies. The amniotic stem cells that we use are from consenting mothers, under 35 years of age, who willingly donate after a scheduled C-section. This means our patients do not have to worry about any ethical concerns associated with their chosen therapy. We also offer a robust amount of educational opportunities including webinars, seminars and peer-to-peer support. There are also financing options available to our Houston patients who qualify. Our goal here in Fort Worth, Texas is to make you feel as comfortable as possible from the moment we meet you and help you achieve your health goals.

What Issues Can You R3 Help Me With?

Our Fort Worth office can help you with a wide range of ailments. Most people can be potential candidates, and most ailments can benefit from the use of regenerative therapy. At our Fort Work, Texas office, we see everything from joint pain, to sports injuries, to general aging problems. As research continues on the applications of regenerative therapy, we find our list of treatable ailments grows each year. While no outcome can be guaranteed, regenerative therapy has been used to greatly improve pain and damaged tissue throughout the body. Each person’s situation is unique. Therefore, we urge you to please visit us in Fort Worth, TX so we can schedule a free consultation and discuss the ways in which R3 may be able to help improve your quality of life.

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Are All FDA and Umbilical Products The Same?

No. They are not. While the raw material that comes from the donor is roughly the same, the end product can vary greatly, depending on where you choose to seek treatment. Here at our Fort Worth office, all donors are heavily screened for disease, are guaranteed to be under 35 years of age, and all DNA factors are removed in order to prevent potential rejection. R3 takes pride in only processing these tissues in an FDA approved lab in order to uphold the highest standard for our patients. Some labs radiate the tissues or pump them full of preservatives, which ultimately ends up killing the cells. R3 has extensively vetted the materials and the labs they use, which is why over 10,000 patients have trusted us with their treatment over the last six years.

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