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FREE Stem Cell Consultation

All R3 Centers offer a no cost consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative cell therapies including cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, secretomes and stem cells. Contact R3 today!

Provider Partnership

The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an All-in-One Regenerative practice program including marketing, products and IRB Approved protocols and Research studies.

Staying Stress-Free In Minneapolis

View of downtown Minneapolis, MN at sunset

Even if our bodies are healthy, our minds can often succumb to stress, which can also manifest as physical tension. Consider adding some of the following into your routine to help alleviate stress and increase wellness overall:

  • Float Tanks: Sensory deprivation often allows us time to quiet our minds, particularly from the constant stimulus of daily life and technology. Consider trying a float tank experience at The Wellness Center in Minneapolis.
  • Acupuncture: The ancient practice of acupuncture can help reduce both mental and physical stress by triggering the proper point of the body. Modern Acupuncture, Minneapolis, is a great place to try out this soothing therapy.
  • Massage: Massage not only makes you feel relaxed but can also help release toxins in the body. There are many types of massage, including deep-tissue, Swedish, prenatal, and much more. Consider visiting Tula Yoga & Wellness, Minneapolis, for some bodywork.
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Eating Right In The Twin Cities

It can be a challenge to eat right, particularly in an area of the country that experiences very harsh winters. Luckily as the Twin Cities have grown into a cultural hub, so too have the diverse array of options for health-conscious eating. Some options include:

  • Mill Valley Kitchen: This California-inspire restaurant provides beautiful dishes and unique flavor profiles. Many options can be made vegan if they are not already so.
  • Sprout Salad Company: This is a wonderful option for quick options outside of the realm of fast food. Everything is made right in front of you, and they make most products in house, including their delightful dressings.
  • French Meadow Cafe: The first certified organic cafe in the country, French Meadow, can provide an all-organic meum for all meals of the day at one of their two locations.

A Minneapolis man with chronic knee pain

Regenerative Therapy for Minneapolis Residents

Many people have heard of regenerative therapy, but few people know how it works. Regenerative medicine uses various cell types and components to help reprogram damaged tissue in the body. Our bodies are already outfitted with a powerful immune system, and regenerative therapy takes advantage of this to help your body restore itself.  R3 Stem Cell aims to solve your issue, not obscure the symptoms.

The Types of Therapy Available Near Minneapolis

We are proud to provide our patrons with a diverse set of techniques and injections. When you come to visit us for a free consultation, we can discuss what options would be best suited to your particular needs. Some of our offerings include:

  • Stem cell injections
  • Exosome therapy
  • Secretome injections
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy

Different Types of Stem Cells

There are two types of stem cells, the first of which is known as unlimited stem cells or embryonic stem cells. R3 Stem Cell does not use stem cells from embryos or an actual fetus which people can find controversial. The second type of stem cell is known as limited stem cells or adult stem cells, which include umbilical cord, amniotic stem cells, and bone marrow-derived. If you are near the Minneapolis area and are interested in learning more about regenerative therapy options, call (844) GET – STEM.

Exosomes & Their Restorative Power

Exosomes are not stem cells but are one of the most useful components of stem cells. Exosomes act like signals that break away from stem cells and can be accepted by other tissues in your body in order to reprogram them to have healthier cells. Other organisms like viruses and bacteria also use exosomes, so there is an extensive body of research on them. Pharmaceutical companies have also been looking at exosomes for some time as a mechanism for delivering drugs to different parts of the body.

Outpatient, Same Day Therapy

Many people are concerned with getting back to their daily lives as soon as possible. Unlike with most invasive surgery, our techniques, such as Amniotic Derived Injections and Cytokinin Injections, allow you to leave our centers the day of therapy. This means you can recover peacefully in the comfort of your own home and reduces the stress and financial burden of multi-day hospital visits.

Duration of Therapy

Every therapy is different, and how long they are active in the body can differ. Exosomes, for example, are active for about 24 hours in the body, and then it takes between 6 and 8 weeks for their effect to fully occur in their target cells. Other treatment options remain in the body longer. Because of this, different therapies R3 Stem Cell offers may require only one injection or multiple visits to our centers around Minneapolis. We will discuss this with you during your free consultation.

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What Happens During The Free Consultation?

When you visit any of our providers, we offer you a comprehensive free consultation for a few reasons. Firstly, we want to understand each of your health concerns and get a full picture of how you’d like to see your quality of life improved. Secondly, we want to educate you about regenerative therapy. Lastly, we want to get to know you so that we can create a plan that is unique to your lifestyle and daily activity.

Health Issues and Concerns

Our patients come to us with various types of issues, each of which can stem from many types of sources. Some of the common types of issues we help include:

  • Respiratory issues/ trouble breathing
  • Lethargy or reduced energy
  • Pain (both acute and chronic)
  • Joint issues
  • Memory impairments

Like any form of medicine, we cannot guarantee the complete eradication of an issue. Visit the Success Stories section of our website to hear from tons of different clients we’ve served already.

Pain: The Source

Older Minneapolis couple riding bikes together

Pain can take many different forms and is associated with countless physical ailments. Some of the common sources of pain include:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Aging
  • Sprains
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological disorders

If you suffer from pain, please consider reaching out to our Minneapolis-area doctors and discussing possible options for minimizing pain.

Our Health Care Professionals

Each and every one of our health care professionals is vetted and come from various specialties. Doctors offering regenerative therapy come from specialties that include surgery, general practitioners, sports medicine, and pain management.


We are committed to helping patients recover as quickly as possible and maintain the benefits they gain from our therapies. We offer several post-therapy products and supplements to ensure that cells have the proper materials to regrow and stay at an optimal condition.

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Scholarship Program

Starting in 2019, R3 Stem Cell is offering scholarship opportunities to help young students achieve their educational goals. This falls in line with our mission of helping all patrons achieve health and life goals. If you or a young student you know qualify, please apply by December 31st, 2019.