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R3 Stem Cell Master Class

Learn everything you need to know about the ever expanding field of regenerative medicine in this Eight Part Series that includes over Four hours of entertaining content!

R3 Stem Cell International

R3 Stem Cell is now offering an international clinic in Tijuana which offers safe, effective stem cell therapy at a cost less than half the US!

FREE Stem Cell Consultation

All R3 Centers offer a no cost consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative cell therapies including cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, secretomes and stem cells. Contact R3 today!

Provider Partnership

The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an All-in-One Regenerative practice program including marketing, products and IRB Approved protocols and Research studies.

Staying Fit In Fresno

Sign at entrance to downtown Fresno, CaliforniaThe saying goes, “use it or lose it.” One of the best ways to ensure a healthy lifestyle is to stay active and have a regiment for conditioning your body. Many individuals who face serious health concerns can benefit from increased activity as a way to maintain their physical being. Some fun options for staying active in Fresno include:

  • Crossfit: If building muscle is your aim, CrossFit is a wonderful and challenging option. Visit Crossfit Fresno’s website and check out their offerings.
  • Yoga: This time-honored form of exercise brings together stretching, strength, cardio, and mental awareness. If you are looking for a holistic way to boost your activity, consider visiting Perfect Balance Yoga or Blue Moon Yoga for a variety of yoga classes.
  • Dane: Adult dance classes are an excellent way to stay fit and socialize! So grab a partner and consider visiting one of Immaculate Trait’s classes to try on either the jazz, ballet or hip hop!
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Using Fresno’s Public Resources

The Fresno County Department of Public Health is a wonderful division of Fresno’s local government and can provide a lot of guidance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Their website contains everything from the public health calendar to a section on community health. A few notable resources include:

  • Mosquitoes and Other Environmentally-Based Illnesses Updates
  • Testing for STIs
  • Flu Clinics
  • Local Health Statistics and Reports
  • Public Health Nursing

Eating Healthy

Thanks to Fresno’s location, there is easy access to a number of vegetable and fruit crops year-round, making local produce easy to obtain at reasonable prices. Whenever possible, consider buying from farmer’s markets. This ensures that produce and other products are fresh, which also means they contain high levels of nutrients. You are also spending your money within your own community, which has the added benefit of helping the local economy. Above all else, however, you are opting for less processed foods, which in turn mean a healthier diet.

Regenerative Therapy Offerings Near Fresno

R3 Stem Cell is proud to offer a variety of stem cell and regenerative therapy options to our patrons near Fresno. Regenerative therapy is gaining a lot of traction recently, although the research backing it has been going on for decades. If you experience less than optimal health conditions from day-to-day, consider coming to visit us for a free consultation today!

Qualifying For Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative therapy is a personalized plan that is unique to each of our customers. Because of this, we have served a diverse population of people since our start over six years ago. If you experience any of the following, you are an ideal candidate for regenerative therapy:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Low Energy
  • Sleepless Nights
  • Stress
  • Memory Issues
  • Anxiety

The Function of Regenerative Therapy

Most health issues that people deal with stem from unhealthy or damaged tissues. Even if the damage is in one location of the body, the effects can be felt throughout the entire physical being. Regenerative therapy aims to use your body’s own mechanisms to rejuvenate. Specifically focusing on the immune system, our therapies allow you to replace these damaged cells so that you can be functioning at your desired level.

A Fresno man suffering from knee pain on park benchStem Cells

Stem Cells are one of our most popular forms of therapy. At our Fresno-area location, we take these cells and introduce them to your body so that they can differentiate into cells that will help aid in new tissue formation. Stem cells can be harvested from either umbilical or amniotic tissues, as well as your own body from one marrow or adipose tissue. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into multiple cell types, a unique capability that has incredible therapeutic properties. 

The Use of Stem Cells in America

Stem cell research has been happening for many decades at this point, both in human and non-human subjects. Many countries allow the use of stem cells freely for medical intervention, but the United States has a very narrow window for what is approved. R3 Stem Cell has spent countless hours researching studies, talking with experts in the field, and vetting all of our products. You can rest assured that when you visit our Fresno-based center that you will be provided with the highest quality service.

Our Nationwide Centers Have Completed Over 13,000 Stem Cell Procedures.
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Education As A Foundation

Our staff members are trained to be knowledgeable about all the different facets of regenerative therapy. We also want you to feel equally knowledgeable as you begin to explore your options with us at our Fresno-area location. Some ways we aim to support you include:

  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • One-on-one, free consultations
  • An online consumer guide

Non-Stem Cell Therapy Options

We understand that stem cell therapy is not always appropriate for every patient or just that some patients would instead opt for different avenues. Our Fresno-adjacent Center in California can offer the following options for therapy:

  • microRNAs
  • Growth factors
  • Exosomes
  • Secresomes

Our health care professionals can help you decide which type of injection is the best option for your needs. Visit us for a free consultation at our center.

A senior Fresno women takes a break during a runWhat is microRNA?

Like your other form of genetic information, DNA, microRNAs can help reprogram cells that are acting irregularly. These irregularities can include damage, over or underproduction, or mutation.  If a cell is beyond restoration, microRNAs can cause this cell to perform apoptosis, a form of cell death. These cells are then replaced by healthy cells.

Growth Factors Demystified

Nearly all animals and plants contain growth factors. These are physiological chemicals, such as select hormones, that can cause cells to divide at an accelerated rate. These new cells can replace old cells that might be causing you pain or any other number of issues. Growth hormones can be injected locally at the site of an issue or can be introduced to the body in different ways. Your body readily accepts growth hormones cause it is a natural part of everyone’s physiology.

Expenses of Therapy

Here at our center near Fresno, we understand that health issues can be a financial burden. Dealing with these issues quickly is the best way to reduce costs as a whole. What is wonderful about regenerative therapy is that it solves issues, not masks them, making the need for drawn-out treatments a thing of the past.R3 Stem Cell works with our patrons to help them find financing options they qualify.

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Treating the Whole Individual

In order to best serve each customer,  we aim to learn about you in a holistic fashion. Each person is more than just a medical history. Each person is unique, with different levels of activity, health goals, and lifestyle choices. Our healthcare professionals work with you at our Fresno-area location to determine what therapy options will be best for your daily activities. We are looking for long-term solutions, not short term band-aids.

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