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Regenerative Medical Procedures for Sports Injuries

Regenerative Medical Procedures for Sports Injuries

Offering a new approach to sports injuries that provides minimally invasive medical procedures, stem cell treatment is one of the best options for anyone that is experiencing ligament, tendon, bone or joint pain due to a sports injury or a different condition. Without question various stem cell procedures have become an extremely popular alternative for many athletes that are faced with potential surgery because of chronic pain.Knee Injury Pain

When it comes to a regenerative medical procedure for a sports related injury, the best part is, patients will have little to no downtime, while also avoiding the time-consuming rehab that is associated with surgery. Some of the different treatment benefits that stem cell procedures can provide include:

  • Releasing organic regenerative growth components
  • Providing anti-inflammatory factors to help with the healing process
  • Increases function within the tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Minimal allergic or negative reaction
  • A quick and effective recovery

Repair Ischemic Necrosis

Also referred to as Avascular Necrosis (AVN) or Osteonecrosis, Ischemic Necrosis is a common sports related injury that occurs when bone tissue has been greatly reduced. Although Ischemic Necrosis can happen to anyone, it is more common among athletes that experience frequent joint trauma.

Generally, a variety of different sports related injuries are the leading factors that contribute to Ischemic Necrosis. In many cases, a seemingly mild injury will eventually develop into Osteonecrosis or Ischemic Necrosis. Luckily, with many advancements that have taken place in alternative surgery procedures, many athletes now have the ability to receive less invasive stem cell regenerative procedures that offer a quicker recovery time. With specific treatments like stem cell therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma medical procedures, athletes now have the ability to be playing again faster than ever before.

Avoid Knee Replacement/Ligament Surgery

Stem Cells for Knee ArthritisThere’s no question that an athlete cannot continue playing without the full functionality of his or her knees. Whether it’s a ligament, meniscus or cartilage tear, different sports related knee injuries can quickly end an athletes career. While knee replacement or repair surgery is a common option that athletes choose, this process requires an extended recovery and rehabilitation time.

Because most athletes cannot afford to take the needed amount of time off from playing, many of them are now leaning toward regenerative medical procedures. Through stem cell injections and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, athletes are now able to repair their knees with a quick office visit.

Alleviating Hip Pain

One of the worst types of pain that any athlete can be faced with is hip pain. Quite simply, without proper hip mobility and minimized pain, athletes are unable to continuing playing. Although hip surgery is a common option that athletes often choose, stem cell injection treatment is quickly becoming a popular alternative that many athletes are now considering.

Because of the results that stem cell injections now provide, combined with less invasive procedures with a much shorter recovery time, athletes are genuinely amazed at the short amount of time that it takes for them to be playing again. In addition, the increased range of motion and reduced pain in the hip region due to these procedures is truly incredible.

R3 Stem Cell works with regenerative medicine clinics nationwide to offer procedures that routinely help patients achieve pain relief and avoid surgery. The procedures are safe and effective for the vast majority of patients.

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