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R3 Stem Cell Master Class

Learn everything you need to know about the ever expanding field of regenerative medicine in this Eight Part Series that includes over Four hours of entertaining content!

R3 Stem Cell International

R3 Stem Cell is now offering an international clinic in Tijuana which offers safe, effective stem cell therapy at a cost less than half the US!

FREE Stem Cell Consultation

All R3 Centers offer a no cost consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative cell therapies including cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, secretomes and stem cells. Contact R3 today!

Provider Partnership

The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an All-in-One Regenerative practice program including marketing, products and IRB Approved protocols and Research studies.

Mature man jogging near Elk Grove, CAThe R3 Stem Cell Therapy Difference

Our more than 35 nationwide centers have safely performed over 11,000 stem cell therapy procedures and over 50,000 PRP therapies. R3 Stem Cell has become one of the leading administers of regenerative cell therapy since its inception over six years ago. You might ask what sets us apart? Some benefits to working with our network of stem cell therapy providers include:

  • Researched-backed techniques conducted by professional, knowledgable doctors
  • High-quality stem cell injections from ethical sources
  • Free one-on-one consultations for prospective patients
  • Competitive financing options to those patients that qualify
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R3 Stem Cell offers stem cell and regenerative therapy, treatment, doctors and clinic resources to the following suburbs and communities of Elk Grove, CA. If you reside or frequent any of these suburbs or communities below and are searching for stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine resources, please give us a call today!
  • Folsom
  • Rocklin
  • Roseville
  • Davis
  • Lincoln
  • Loomis
  • Rio Vista
  • Lone
  • Citrus Heights
  • Camanche
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IRB Approved Protocols

The Institutional Review Board has been established to protect the rights and welfare of people who participate in research. These high standards help to ensure that your health is never put in jeopardy. We never use stem cells from unethical sources – our stem cells come from the umbilical cords and amniotic tissues, all of which have been given with consent after a scheduled c-section. You can rest assured that your wellness and safety are our greatest concerns when it comes to working with patients.

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy For Elk Grove’s Citizens

As previously mentioned, our stem cells are harvested for injection from morally unambiguous sources.  Amniotic stem cell therapy is one of our most effective types of injections. Potent stem cells are used from these tissues to help relieve pain, encourage recovery, and get you back to your normal level of health. Stem cells enter your body and begin to help your immune system combat infection and replace damaged cells with properly functioning ones. Some people benefit from a single injection while other people require multiple injections. We also offer umbilical cord stem cell therapy since different patients can respond differently to varying sources of stem cells. Learn more about how stem cell therapy could help you by requesting a free consultation with a provider near Elk Grove, CA.

Communicating Recovery With Exosomes

Since their discovery, exosomes have been researched extensively and are now being used regularly in regenerative medicine. A Nobel Prize was awarded to researchers who worked on understanding them in 2013. Exosomes are molecular transport containers – they are small spheres of a lipid bilayer that contain cellular messages and can move around the body freely. Scientists and medical professionals have learned how to fill these exosomes with therapeutics and biologics in order to help modulate cell activity and encourage regrowth and repair. Exosome therapy can often be used in conjunction with other forms of regenerative cell therapy.

A stem cell doctor sees a patient with chronic migrainesRecovering After Regenerative Cell Therapy

Like any effective form of health care, treating your body properly after receiving therapy is crucial. If you return to your normal pace of life too quickly, it can cause unforeseen issues and put undo dress on your immune system. Some good practices for recovery include:

  • Giving yourself plenty of time to rest and taking some time off from excessive exercise or stress
  • Eating healthy, well-balanced meals to aid in the recovery of healthy tissue
  • Staying away from individuals who are sick or putting your immune system in compromising situations
  • Reaching out to your R3 Stem Cell provider if anything changes or you begin to feel unwell in any way
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Our Patients Are Our Family

We treat every patient as a unique case and a part of our extended family. From the moment you step into our Elk Grove area center, you will feel right at home with our professional staff. We will sit down with you and go over your entire medical history as well as your wellness goals. Whether you are looking to walk further, increase your energy, breathe more freely, or simply prevent the issues that come with aging, we can help. Our doctors work to tailor a plan of treatment that is individualized to you and only you. Please contact us to set up your free consultation.

Preventing And Alleviating Chronic Pain Near Elk Grove

Pain can become a regular part of a person’s life at any point. It can be associated with a disease, an illness, an injury, or even an unexpected source. Pain can be specific or generalized, the latter of which is very hard to treat effectively with traditional forms of medicine. Painkillers can be dangerously addictive and often do not treat the cause of the pain, making you reliant on drugs. If you are suffering from pain, please reach out to us. There is no reason you should be held prisoner by pain any longer – let our stem cell therapy specialists help you today.

Financing A Healthier Future

We know that paying for stem cell therapy can feel like a burden as it does with any other form of health care. Insurance companies do not, at this point, cover most forms of regenerative cell therapy, but there is hope that that will change in the future as more and more success stories become public. When you visit us for your new patient appointment, make sure to ask about financing options. We want to ease any stress associated with obtaining the healthy body that you deserve. Call 844-GET-STEM to request a free consultation with a regenerative medicine specialist serving the Elk Grove area.

Eating Healthy In Elk Grove

A healthy diet is one of the best ways to ensure longevity and health well into your golden years. Many people think of the word “diet,” and they think about cutting calories and replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners. That is just a small subset of dietary considerations, however. We recommend talking to our health care providers as well as a certified dietician to figure out what sorts of food are best for your body type and lifestyle. You are what you eat, so eat healthily. Some Elk Grove restaurants that merge flavor with nutritious options include:

  • Fish & Things Poke Bar: Try a customizable poke bowl and enjoy it on their beautiful outdoor patio
  • Loving Hut: An Asian-inspired vegan chain restaurant with counter service – great for on-the-go options
  • Thai Chili: Many vegetarian options with bold flavors

Athletic elderly woman resting during her run at an Elk Grove area parkLocal Resource For Healthy Living in Elk Grove

The Elk Grove Environmental Health Division is a wonderful public resource dedicated to supporting personal wellness. Their website helps connect the citizens of Elk Grove with critical services and information. Many of the measures they support are preventative in order to ensure there is no widespread crisis in the future. Some services to look into from the Division include:

  • Information about suburban wildlife
  • Help matching you and your family with daycare centers or elderly care facilities
  • Clinics for epidemiology, influenza, dental care, women’s health and much more
  • An obesity prevention program and other educational opportunities related to nutrition and exercise.

Visit their website for more information and to see a calendar of upcoming events.

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