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Serving the Cincinnati, Ohio Area
Skyline view of Cincinnati Ohio
At the R3 Stem Cell Center serving the Cincinnati area, we have amazing regenerative therapies to help you become pain-free and get back your quality of life. Our incredible staff has experience with many different ailments that cause painful and limiting symptoms. R3 Stem Cell offers free educational materials, as well as physician locators, on our website to help you find the support you need to begin regenerative therapy. If you have been suffering from a pain that traditional methods no longer alleviate, call 844-GET-STEM to request a free consultation.

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What Is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy is a broad term that covers several different procedures utilizing the body’s natural healing abilities. These methods can harness the power of various cells that are released after an injury. The cells aim to restore function to an injured area, reducing pain in the process. At the R3 Stem Cell Center serving the Cincinnati area, our clinic can use stem cells and platelet-rich plasma therapy to reduce your pain and alleviate the symptoms of your ailment. We have helped our patients get their lives back with these incredible procedures, so please visit us today and see what regenerative therapy can do for you.

What Are Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma?

At the R3 Stem Cell Center serving the Cincinnati area, we can use stem cells and platelet-rich plasma therapy to help you get your quality of life back. Stem cells are an incredible tool in regenerative therapy. These cells can be programmed to turn into another cell found in the body. Then, they are injected into an injury to regenerate new and healthy tissue, control inflammation, and reduce pain. Platelet-rich plasma works through a similar method. The plasma found in our blood contains growth factors. Growth factors can also stimulate new cell growth in an area of injury. New cell growth will eventually replace the damage and reduce your painful symptoms.

What Therapies Are Currently Available At The R3 Centers Serving Cincinnati, OH?

The type of regenerative therapy used for your ailment can be determined during your free initial consultation. Everyone’s pain is different, and we treat every patient as a unique individual, never choosing a “one size fits all” method. The two therapy methods we use are:

  • Umbilical Cord-Derived Stem Cells: These stem cells are found in the gel-like material of the umbilical cord after birth called ‘Wharton’s jelly.’ This tissue contains a high number of healthy stem cells.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: The plasma of blood can be separated from red blood cells with a high-speed method called centrifuging. Once separated, the plasma contains a large number of growth factors that can stimulate the growth of new tissue.

Man with an ankle ligament injuryHow Can The People Of Cincinnati Benefit From Regenerative Therapy?

At the R3 Stem Cell Center serving the Cincinnati area, we have extensive amounts of experience helping patients find relief from their ailment. Our amazing stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapies offer hope to the patients of Cincinnati suffering who want to avoid invasive surgical procedures. During your initial consultation with our team, we will determine what therapy is best for your health concerns. If you believe that your pain could be alleviated through regenerative therapy, call 844-GET-STEM to speak to a specialist today.

What Makes Regenerative Therapy So Special?

There are so many amazing benefits to regenerative therapy at the R3 Center serving Cincinnati. Stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapy are minimally invasive, unlike surgical procedures. Because of this, recovery time is lessened after a regenerative therapy procedure. The injections also aim to target the actual  injury at its source, while causing little damage. Other medications aim to cover up painful symptoms, rather than targeting the actual issue causing the pain. Visit the R3 Stem Cell Center serving the Cincinnati, OH area, to begin your journey with regenerative medicine and to see the amazing effects first-hand.

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When Can Results Be Expected From My Regenerative Therapy Treatments?

Our team at the R3 Center serving the Cincinnati area is dedicated to your health concerns and wants to ensure that you see results from your regenerative therapy procedures. Every patient’s pain and symptoms are as unique as they are, leading to personalized therapy plans for every person we see. Results can vary based on these unique differences, but R3 Stem Cell can determine your eligibility during the free initial consultation. Some patients have seen results after just one injection and are completely pain-free. Other patients may need several injections before they see the results they desire. Before visiting our clinic in Worthington, OH serving the Cincinnati area, review our free educational materials to learn more about what regenerative medicine has to offer.

These therapies can allow you to get back to biking, hiking, and spending time with your family without the health burdens. If you are interested in learning more about the regenerative therapies that our providers offer, call 844-GET-STEM.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Father and son jogging in a Cincinnati park
In the Queen City, people are active, and walking down the Ohio River, through the numerous historical districts, commonly occur in such a large city. As the city grows, so does the level of air pollution, leading to lung conditions not previously seen in this Mid-West city. Many residents ride their bikes to work, or through one of Cincinnati’s many parks, enjoying the scenic history of the first city founded after the American Revolution. After a long day of sightseeing in the city, a bowl of famous Cincinnati chili is essential to refuel before a baseball game at the Great American Ball Park.

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