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R3 Stem Cell Center Serving Buffalo, New York
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Our providers in Buffalo, NY, aim to give each patient the best experience possible. We understand that undergoing regenerative medicine therapy is a big step, so it’s our goal to ensure that patients are well-informed and confident before starting their therapy.  All prospective patients have access to our online materials, which we greatly recommend reviewing before scheduling a consultation visit.  Once you have reviewed the materials, we offer a free consultation visit to all prospective patients.  This gives patients the ability to discuss any potential concerns with one of our physicians.

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Does Regenerative Therapy Work?

Our providers nationwide have encountered a wide variety of patients, all with various ailments.  Many of these patients report feeling better and having an improved quality of life due to regenerative therapy.  Regenerative therapy is unique in that it can be used to treat such a wide variety of ailments.  Also, there are very few side effects that patients experience from regenerative therapy, unlike medication or surgery.  Many types of traditional treatments act as a “band-aid,” meaning they treat the symptoms a person was having but not to addressing the underlying problem causing the symptoms.  However, regenerative therapy helps to address the underlying problem, thus allowing patients to have a better quality of life and not rely on addictive medications or “quick fixes.”

Are There Different Types of Regenerative Therapy?

Yes.  There are different types of regenerative therapy.  When most people hear the term “regenerative therapy,” they think of stem cell therapy.  While stem cell therapy is part of regenerative therapy, it is not the only kind of regenerative therapy.  Growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, microsomes, secretomes, and mRNA all play a factor in regenerative therapy.  Patients who visit our doctors in Buffalo, NY, will benefit because they use a variety of all of these factors in the regenerative therapy they give to patients.  Patients who receive a combination of these elements versus stem cell therapy alone tend to show better improvement and better overall results.  A well-rounded approach to patient care is key to providing our patients with the best care possible.

Is Regenerative Medicine FDA Approved?

The FDA does not regulate regenerative therapy.  This is because the products or “medicine” used in regenerative therapy comes in the form of biologics.  Biologics are products taken from another human being, such as amniotic fluid, umbilical cord tissue and blood, placental membrane, and Wharton’s Jelly. The FDA takes great care in regulating how these biologics are collected, processed, and stored, but they do not approve or deny the use of them.

R3 Stem Cell takes great care in deciding which labs to use to process and store these biologics.  If handled incorrectly, the biologics can lose their efficacy.  We highly recommend you contact our office at 844-GET-STEM to learn more about the procedures offered and to schedule your consultation visit.

A man at the gym with a shoulder injuryAre There Any Risks That Come With Regenerative Medicine?

As is true with any medical procedure, there are risks involved in regenerative medicine.  However, these risks are very small, especially when compared to other forms of medicine, such as medication and surgery.  Normal procedural risks of injection include infection, bleeding, nerve injury, or allergic reaction. However, the physicians at our Buffalo, New York center take great care in ensuring all safety measures are put in place to avoid these risks.  It is important to note that none of R3 Stem Cell’s centers have ever had a patient experience disease transmission or rejection reaction.

All DNA factors are removed, and donors are screened to ensure that they are disease-free.  There are risks in any form of therapy or procedure you undergo.  However, our labs and providers work together to minimize those risks

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Why Are Regenerative Procedures Suddenly So Popular?

While it may seem like regenerative therapy popped up overnight, it has actually been years of research in the making that is finally coming to fruition.  Stem cell therapy has recently become more widely available to the public.  However, it has been researched for years.  Its popularity comes from its being known as a very low-risk procedure that includes a high reward profile.  At our Buffalo, NY center, patients do not have to deal with undergoing a procedure to harvest their bone marrow.  Instead, donors provide the biologic material that our patients are able to use.

Many patients who have undergone medication regimens or surgical intervention know how many risks accompany these forms of treatment.  In addition, many of the time, patients do not see a significant improvement or end up stuck with a host of new ailments.  Stem cell therapy is less invasive than surgery and is not addictive. For this reason, the procedure has gained a significant amount of traction and popularity over the years.

If you would like to learn more about regenerative medicine or find out if you are a candidate, call 844-GET-STEM to request a free consultation.

About Buffalo, New York
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Buffalo is the second-most populous city in New York, with only New York City having a larger population. In the early 1950’s Buffalo was one of the top 15 most populated cities in the United States but has since dropped to 83rd (2019). This is due in part to many people moving to more suburban areas in the state after the city deindustrialized in the latter part of the 20th century. Ameconomy that once thrived on manufacturing has since shifted to focus on the service industry, including healthcare, higher education, and research.

Buffalo is home to the Buffalo Bills, an American football team. Buffalo is also home to the Buffalo Sabres, which is a professional ice hockey team. Although the teams have struggled in the last few decades, sports remain a significant part of the culture of Buffalo, with its residents continuing to be loyal fans, win or lose.

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