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How To Choose Your Stem Cell Therapy Physician

How To Choose Your Stem Cell Therapy Physician

Stem cell therapy has made waves in the headlines in recent years.  What started as a little understood and somewhat feared therapy, grew into a widely talked about the potential for hope.  Initially, many people were not sure about stem cell therapy due to the use of embryonic stem cells and their ethical concerns.  However, since embryonic stem cells are no longer allowed to be used in the United States, and with the development of so many positive clinical trial results, stem cell therapy has grown in popularity and favor.  As a result, one of the most important decisions a person can make while undergoing stem cell therapy is which physician to choose.

There are many physicians and clinics who claim to use the healing powers of stem cells in their offices and treatments.  However, not all of these claims are legitimate.  In order for stem cells to be effective, they must undergo a variety of safe and careful handling procedures.  This includes not being kept at a temperature that is too hot or too cold or being kept in labs that radiate the biologic because this process essentially kills the stem cells.  It is also important not to add too much preservative as that can also kill the cells.  Therefore, when choosing a physician for stem cell therapy, you should look for one who uses FDA-certified labs.  While stem cells themselves cannot be FDA approved, the labs which process and store these stem cells can be FDA certified. 

In addition to finding a physician who uses an FDA-certified lab, you will want to make sure your physician has formal training in regenerative medicine.  Many physicians may offer stem cell therapy, however, few have actual training in the field of regenerative medicine.  The physicians who do have this training are at the forefront of the cutting-edge technology, and better understand how to use stem cell therapy to help their patients.  It is also important to find patient testimonials of those who have undergone the therapy with a particular physician.  While medicine is a science, it is also an art.  The way one physician approaches regenerative medicine can be completely different from the way another physician approaches it.  As a patient, you must do your due diligence to find the physician that is best for your specific needs.

As is true with many forms of medicine, not all doctors are created equally.  When it comes to regenerative medicine, a new field in medicine, it is best to find a doctor that has training and experience in the field such as R3 Stem Cell.  In addition, it is important to find a physician who utilizes FDA-certified labs.  There are many steps in stem cell therapy from acquiring the stem cells from a donor, to storing the stem cells and removing any DNA markers, to inserting the stem cells into the patient.  This means there are a variety of places where stem cells can become less and less effective.  Finding a physician who takes great care in picking the lab that will handle the stem cells is key.  As always, do your research, interview various regenerative medicine specialists, and choose the physician that feels right to you.


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