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Our Portland, Oregon R3 Stem Cell Therapy Center

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Here at the R3 Stem Cell Center in Portland, Oregon, our experienced team is ready to help you find relief from your pain. We are dedicated to our patient’s health needs and want to make sure you are cared for from the moment you step into Portland’s R3 Center. Our team provides free educational materials on this webpage to any patient who thinks they may be a candidate for regenerative therapy. If you believe you could benefit from our clinic’s expertise in the amazing field of regenerative medicine, come in today for a free initial consultation.

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What Is Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Regenerative cell therapy is a pioneering field of medicine that utilizes the body’s natural tissue regeneration techniques to heal the body. These therapy methods can include stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, growth factors, and microRNAs. All of the techniques used at R3 Portland utilize our body’s natural healing abilities. Our team wants to ensure these therapies will help you get back to your normal self. Please consult with us today if you think regenerative therapy could be beneficial for you.

What Are Stem Cells?

Before any cell in our body can become specialized tissue and organ systems, they begin as stem cells. Stem cells have the amazing potential to become any cell in our body. At the R3 Center in Portland, we can program stem cells into therapeutic injections for your ailment. Our team uses stem cells from amniotic fluid and umbilical cord tissue, but they can also be found in fat tissue and bone marrow. Everyone’s pain is different, and your therapy method should be as unique as you are. Our R3 Portland Center is waiting to develop a plan to free you of your chronic pain.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

Stem cells are not the only therapeutic procedures available at our Portland R3 Stem Cell Center. Our team is also able to utilize the growth factors found in the plasma of blood. We can take a patient’s blood, separate the blood and plasma layer with a centrifuge, and use the growth factors in the plasma as a healing injection. Because this injection is made up of one’s cells, there is almost no risk of negative side-effects. Platelet-rich plasma injections can be used for a variety of ailments, so come in today to see if we can help you heal.

A Portlans women suffers from chronic headachesWhat Types of Regenerative Therapies Are Available At The Portland R3 Center?

There are many different regenerative therapy procedures available today. However, our team only specializes in stem cells from umbilical cord tissue and amniotic fluid, as well as platelet-rich plasma. At R3 Portland, we can use these procedures to personalize a plan to help you find relief from your pain.

  • Umbilical Cord-Derived Stem Cells: The umbilical cord that supplies nutrients to a growing fetus is rich in stem cells, growth factors, and cytokines. These can be harvested and used for blood and immune disorders because they originate from bone marrow.
  • Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cells: The amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus is high in stem cells. These stem cells can be harvested without harming a fetus.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: The plasma found in our blood is high in growth factors, and when injected into an injury, can stimulate the body to send natural stem cells to aid in healing.
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How Is Regenerative Therapy At R3 Portland Different From Other Forms Of Pain Management?

While traditional pain management methods are designed to mask pain, regenerative medicine aims to heal the body at the source of the pain. These treatments are always personalized to patients’ specific ailments and needs. Our team ensures the injections are minimally invasive and damage little tissue, unlike some surgical methods. This means faster pain relief for our patients and shorter recovery time. Our Portland R3 Stem Cell Center is dedicated to healing your painful symptoms to ensure the issue never reoccurs.

Who Can Benefit From Regenerative Therapy At R3 of Portland, OR?

At the R3 Stem Cell Center of Portland, our team can help a wide variety of patients. Regenerative therapy uses the natural healing pathways that everyone’s body already has. Because of this, there are so many different ailments regenerative therapy can be used for. R3 Stem Cell has performed over 60,000 regenerative therapy procedures involving stem cells and platelet-rich plasma so that you can feel comfortable in our expert hands. R3 Portland is here to support you on your path to being pain-free with our extensive knowledge of this growing field of medicine.

How Quickly Can I See Results From My Regenerative Therapy At R3 Portland?

A doctor does a stem cell therapy consult in Portland

Because everyone’s pain is unique, the time you can start to see results may vary from patient to patient. Some patients may see immediate relief after their first therapy visit, while others may need several visits before they can see the results of regenerative therapy. Even if several visits are needed, there will be constant progress made on the underlying cause of your pain. This is why our free initial consultation is so important in determining your eligibility for our procedures. However, R3 Portland wants to ensure you receive the best outcome from your therapy as quickly as possible.

How Is R3 Portland Different From Other Stem Cell Options In Oregon?

The R3 Stem Cell Center of Portland, Oregon, has experienced professionals who are extremely educated in the field of regenerative medicine. They are ready to help you get back to your normal, pain-free life. R3 Stem Cell is a leader in the world of regenerative therapy, offering master-classes, free educational materials, and free initial consultations for patients seeking information on this incredible field of medicine. Our goal in Portland is to restore your quality of life, allowing you to live fully without pain.

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All of these remarkable regenerative therapy procedures are available for you at the Portland, Oregon R3 Stem Cell Center. Please visit our experienced staff today to learn more about R3 and receive your free initial consultation.

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