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R3 Stem Cell partners with 35 doctors nationwide to offer regenerative medicine therapies to patients suffering from a variety of ailments. Regenerative medicine, including platelet-rich-plasma and stem cell therapy, has grown significantly in popularity over the past five years; however, there is still quite a bit of misinformation out there. To help prospective patients become more educated on this innovative therapy, we offer learning materials, seminars, webinars, and free consultations. To request a free consultation, simply call 844-GET-STEM, and we will match you with a provider in or near Oklahoma City,

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to turn into any cell type in the body. They are a blank slate that may be to turned into a skin cell or muscle, tendon, bone, cartilage, red blood cells, and many others. This is what makes them so useful.

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The two main types of stem cells are unlimited stem cells (also known as embryonic stem cells) and limited stem cells (also known as adult stem cells.) Unlimited cells can have the potential to become any kind of human cell and can be replicated outside of the body. On the other hand, limited stem cells don’t have the same limitless differentiation and can’t be replicated outside the human body. Limited cells need to be frozen or transplanted into the body immediately.

Although embryonic stem cells have the most potential, they come with ethical and legal concerns. R3 Stem Cell and its partners do not use embryonic stem cells for any of our procedures.

Athletic elderly man with an ankle injuryWho Can Benefit From Regenerative Therapy?

In short, anyone may be able to benefit from regenerative therapy. Regenerative therapy uses a person’s physiology to stimulate the healing process. Stem cells are used to aid the patient’s natural immune system throughout the healing process. R3 Stem Cell has offered care to tens of thousands of people throughout the United States who had a plethora of ailments that needed healing. Our Oklahoma City office is part of a greater network that has offered over 11,000 stem cell procedures and over 50,000 PRP therapies. To find out if you are a candidate for regenerative therapy, call 844-GET-STEM, and request a free consultation. At your appointment, your doctor will discuss your health history, ailments, and determine if you would benefit from therapy.

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Can I Use Insurance to Cover My Treatment?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover regenerative therapy as a general rule. This is not specific to our Oklahoma City office. Regardless of where you receive your regenerative therapy, chances are insurance will not cover the procedure. This does not mean stem cell therapy does not work or has not shown any promise. Rather, insurance companies do not cover regenerative therapies because pharmaceutical companies are not able to patent umbilical cord tissue or amniotic fluid since it is coming from a human body. Even if pharmaceutical companies could find a place to patent the birthplace of stem cells, new therapies can take anywhere from 5-10 years before insurance companies are able to begin covering these new procedures.

In some cases, stem cell therapy can be covered under Worker’s Compensation claims because the patients need these therapies to return to work. Regardless, the physicians in our Oklahoma City, OK office, never want the cost of therapy to get in the way to receiving therapy. If you are worried about cost, we highly recommend scheduling a free consultation with our office to discuss the various financing and payment plans available for our patients.

What Ethical Issues Are Involved In Regenerative Therapy?

Many people have heard ethical debates about the use of stem cell therapy in the news or online.  All of our stem cells are taken from donors who have consented, are under 35 years of age, and who are undergoing a pre-scheduled c-section. All of the harvesting procedure has been regulated by the FDA to ensure safety for all people involved, and to ensure ethical behavior is being maintained. Embryonic stem cells are no longer legally allowed to be used in the United States anymore. We strongly support and ensure all our physicians and offices abide by all FDA regulations to keep our practices safe and ethical.

How Long Will It Take Before I Feel Better?
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As stated before, each patient is unique and has a unique therapy plan. Therefore, results will vary by patient. The goal of our Oklahoma City center is to have our patients feeling as good as possible in the quickest amount of time. Some patients may only need one therapy visit, while others may need multiple. This is the reason our physicians require an in-person consultation prior to beginning your regenerative therapy. While we cannot guarantee an exact timeline when you will be back to your normal self, we do know our therapies tend to take far less recovery time than surgery and offer far fewer risks and side effects. Our main goal at our Oklahoma City center is to ensure we are able to provide our patients with a better quality of life.

Why Should I Opt for Regenerative Therapy Over Surgery?

In short, it’s safer and requires less of a recovery time. Surgery requires making an incision in the body, undergoing anesthesia, undergoing a long recovery time, all for a result that is not even guaranteed to improve your quality of life. With our regenerative therapies, it only requires injection of stem cells and little to no downtime. Surgery comes with significant risks that include death. Regenerative therapy has very few side effects, and death is not one of them. Our physicians in Oklahoma City are serious about creating individualized therapy plans to ensure optimal results for their patients.

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