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The R3 Stem Cell Center Serving Irvine, California
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Our R3 Stem Cell Center serving Irvine, California, is ready to help you find relief from your pain with regenerative therapy procedures. We have an amazing group of providers in this growing field of medicine who are eager to help Irvine residents get their lives back from the painful symptoms of their ailments through the healing powers of regenerative therapy. Visit our website to read the free educational materials provided for anyone who would like to learn more about their options. During your free initial consultation, a dedicated team member will determine if your health concerns could benefit from regenerative therapy.

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What Is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy includes several different medical procedures that all focus on using the body’s natural healing powers to aid in reducing pain. These procedures can include stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, exosomes, growth factors, and much more.  Our providers use stem cells and platelet-rich plasma, specialized healing cells that are found naturally in the body. These cells are sent to the site of an injury after there has been damage to tissue. Stem cells and platelet-rich plasma tell the body to grow new, healthy tissue to replace the damage.

How Are Stem Cells And Platelet-Rich Plasma Used In Regenerative Therapy?

Stem cells and platelet-rich plasma are two of the most commonly utilized procedures in regenerative therapy. These cells can stimulate new cell growth in the body where damage has occurred. Once the healing process has begun, painful symptoms will subside, leaving a patient with less discomfort. The R3 Centers, serving Irvine, has experience with stem cells derived from bone marrow, fat tissue, and amniotic fluid. These cells naturally occur and are the source of all the specialized tissues and organs of the human body. Platelet-rich plasma and stem cells have very similar healing properties. The platelets of blood plasma can also stimulate new cell growth through growth factors. Our nationwide group of providers has safely performed thousands of regenerative therapy procedures to reduce painful symptoms for our patients with stem cells and platelet-rich plasma.

What Regenerative Therapies Are Available At The R3 Center Nearby Irvine, CA?

At the R3 Center serving Irvine, California, our office uses several different procedures to help you find relief from your injury, become pain-free, and get your quality of life back. The most common therapies we utilized in the area are:

  • Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells: Stem cells can be found in the marrow of our bones, where red blood cells are also made. They are taken out of the bone through a large needle.
  • Fat-Derived Stem Cells: Stem cells can be found in fat tissue all over the body. These can easily be harvested from any area where there is a large fat deposit.
  • Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cells: Stem cells can be found in the fluids and tissues that supply a growing fetus with nutrients. These are harvested from the amniotic fluid of the amniotic sac after a C-section birth.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: The plasma of blood contains a healing property called growth factors. Growth factors work similarly to stem cells, stimulating the body to grow new, healthy cells.

centrifuge used to create prpHow Does Regenerative Therapy Compare To Other Methods Of Pain Management?

Regenerative therapy is a unique field of medicine that can stimulate the body’s natural healing process to reduce the symptoms of many painful ailments. The procedures used in regenerative medicine at R3 Stem Cell do not just cover up your pain with a generalized medication. These therapy methods target the damaged area of your body that is causing the pain. Pain medications are a one-size-fits-all solution that only provides temporary relief, doing nothing to heal your injury or health concern. Regenerative therapy is an alternative to invasive and costly surgical procedures as well. Your recovery time after a regenerative therapy procedure is typically much shorter than more invasive surgical procedures. Call 844-GET-STEM to request a free consultation with a provider near the Irvine area.

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What Types of Ailments Can R3 Stem Cell Help With?

There are many health concerns that R3 Stem Cell Centers have helped our patients find relief from. After performing thousands of stem cell and platelet-rich plasma procedures, we have the experience to determine if your ailment could benefit from regenerative therapy. Most common outcomes include:

  • Pain relief
  • Breathing easier
  • Walking farther
  • Increased energy and vitality

Visit our clinic today for your free initial consultation to find out how regenerative therapy could help you.

Irvine, California
A healthy mature couple walking in Irvine
Irvine is a beautiful coastal city in Orange County, California, where going to the beach is a daily activity for most. You can find people surfing and swimming all year round, as well as sunbathers just relaxing near the ocean. The closest, and most popular beach, is Newport Beach, where large waves and piers provide endless entertainment. This city also encompasses a large area of sycamore trees in Boomer that are thought to be ancient. These trails can be hiked, biked, and casually walked to enjoy the lush scenery of coastal California. Many residents of Irvine are extremely fit and active because the weather is almost always pleasant enough to be outside! This wonderful city is one of the happiest places in the United States and was named the second happiest city in 2019 by Business Insider.

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