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For over a decade, R3 has been offering regenerative stem cell and exosome therapies that harness the body’s regenerative capabilities to bring patients hope and options. Hope that surgery can be avoided, and tissue injury can be repaired with the ability do things like play with your kids again, go hiking, swimming, ride a bike and be… Pain Free!


Existing pain management therapies have been great for suppressing pain by masking discomfort with medications such as cortisone, opiates or anti-inflammatory medications.


These treatments work well for relief, but they don’t actually FIX the PROBLEM! It’s like placing a Bandaid over the issue, but the underlying painful issue remains.


R3 Stem Cell is the only US company to have achieved Institutional Review Board Approval for the investigation of regenerative therapies with amniotic and umbilical cord tissue for several condition categories.View the specifics of the patient-funded study here on

R3 Stem Cell Regenerative Therapies

R3 Stem Cell offers regenerative therapies globally at over 45 Centers. The procedures help repair, regenerate and restore damaged tissue rather than simply mask or suppress symptoms like most traditional medical therapies.


R3’s therapies include over twenty customized protocols which are catered to each indvidiual’s particular ailment(s). Options for procedures include the following:

As R3 Stem Cell has been offering procedures for over a decade worldwide with an 85% patient satisfaction rate, the company leads the industry in procedures that are safe, effective and much more affordable than any competitor. The tissue products come from labs that are cGMP compliant, ISO Certified and registered with the appropriate country’s regulatory authority (e.g. FDA, DRAP, COFEPRIS).


After 21,000 procedures globally, patients can rest assured they are receiving therapies that have been customized to their needs. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to regenerative therapies!


Patients should be wary of regenerative clinics that are promoting cheap stem cell therapies and avoid showing you a Certificate of Analysis from the tissue lab. Most likely, the biologic is sub-optimal and inauthentic, with a lot of clinics ACTUALLY promoting platelet rich plasma therapy as a “stem cell procedure”!


R3 sees this frequently, and has put together both a popular Consumer Guide along with a Stem Cell Master Class for patient education. As the most trusted USA stem cell provider along with having a presence in five additional countries, R3’s regenerative therapies are authentic.

Repairing Tissue Injury

Unlike the vast majority of traditional therapies that are designed to simply mask or suppress clinical symptoms, regenerative therapies with R3 Stem Cell work by assisting one’s body to actually repair damaged tissue. How?


As humans age, a mismatch occurs between the amount of increasing tissue damage in the body versus how many stem cells and regenerative elements are available to facilitate appropriate repair. It’s an economic supply and demand discrepancy!


By administering regenerative tissue that includes stem cells, exosomes, growth factors and cytokines, the supply and demand issue is addressed. The regenerative elements are able to facilitate repair in one’s body such as in joints, brain, kidney, lung, heart, nerves and more. Tissues that would otherwise not experience a proper healing response are often able to amp up that reaction with the stem cell and exosome therapies!


Rather than simply discuss the science behind how tissue repair occurs with the administration of these stem cells and exosomes, R3 has an impressive collection of patient success stories that are available HERE.


If you would like to receive a free stem cell consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate, call R3 today at +1(844) GET-STEM.

Mission Statement

R3 offers cutting edge regenerative medicine therapies with the potential to harness the body’s ability to repair, regenerate and restore damaged tissue. This may allow individuals to decrease pain and increase functional ability in a cost effective manner with a low risk profile.


R3’s mission is to offer therapies that are:

R3 wants to make a difference in patient’s lives by helping them avoid surgery and remain as active as desired.
In addition, R3 desires to contribute substantially to the growing body of research on regenerative medicine by performing IRB Approved research.


*Outcomes will vary and are not guaranteed.




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The USA stem cell leader offers procedures in

7 Countries including:


*Outcomes will vary between individuals. No claims are being made with regenerative therapies. The FDA considers stem cell therapy experimental. See our THERAPY COMMITMENT HERE.



Learn everything you need to know about the ever expanding field of regenerative medicine in this 8 part series that includes over four hours of entertaining content!



R3 Stem Cell International includes 45 clinics in 7 countries. These Centers of Excellence treat all types of conditions with safe, effective protocols by expert stem cell physicians.



R3 Stem Cell offers a no cost consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative cell therapies including cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, and stem cells.



The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an all-in-one regenerative practice program including marketing, consultations and booked procedures!


The USA stem cell leader offers procedures in

7 Countries including: