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Learn everything you need to know about the ever expanding field of regenerative medicine in this Eight Part Series that includes over Four hours of entertaining content!

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R3 Stem Cell is now offering an international clinic in Tijuana which offers safe, effective stem cell therapy at a cost less than half the US!

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All R3 Centers offer a no cost consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative cell therapies including cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, secretomes and stem cells. Contact R3 today!

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The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an All-in-One Regenerative practice program including marketing, products and IRB Approved protocols and Research studies.

View of Castaic Lake in Santa Clarita CaliforniaEngineering Tissue

It’s no wonder that modern science has brought regenerative cell therapy to new heights. Therapies that utilize stem cells and other natural cellular components are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of healing. Stem cell therapy is often associated with a form of regenerative medicine known as tissue engineering. Medical professionals and scientists alike can use things like microRNAs, exosomes, and undifferentiated cells as techniques that change the way tissue functions in the body. This is generally done in order to achieve feats such as easing pain, replacing malformed cells, or improving the immune system as a whole.

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R3 Stem Cell offers stem cell and regenerative therapy, treatment, doctors and clinic resources to the following suburbs and communities of Santa Clarita, CA. If you reside or frequent any of these suburbs or communities below and are searching for stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine resources, please give us a call today!
  • San Marino
  • Agoura Hills
  • Calabasas
  • South Pasadena
  • Oakmont of Santa Clarita
  • Friendly Valley
  • Oakmont of Valencia
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Santa Clarita Stem Cell Therapy

R3 Stem Cell is proud to serve patients around the country, and we are excited to be able to offer patients in the Santa Clarita area top-notch therapy. Our providers can help you achieve your wellness goals, whatever your age, gender, and medical history are. The wonderful thing about regenerative cell therapy is that it can be tailored to your specific needs because it targets your own physiology. How we treat one patient for an issue might not be the exact same path for a different patient that is facing similar issues. Some common problems people come to us with include:

  • Changes in respiratory function
  • Chronic and acute forms of pain
  • Joint and sports injuries
  • Memory changes or mood swings

Exosome Therapy In California

Controlling how your body communicates internally is integral to the success of our therapy. One way we do this is through the use of exosomes. Exosomes are found circulating throughout your body and help to connect the various systems in the body. Sometimes these pathways of communication can become blocked. Our R3 Stem Cell providers often choose to reprogram communication in the body through exosome injections. Exosomes act like small delivery trucks and can contain a number of different messages that help promote regeneration and repair. To learn more about exosomes therapy, call 844-GET-STEM, and request a free consultation with a provider in the Santa Clarita area.

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Near Santa Clarita California

Amniotic fluids and tissues are chocked full of stem cells. This is because stem cells help to develop the fetus in utero. Stem cells can also be passed between mother and child during gestation. After a baby is healthily born, the residual amniotic tissues no longer serve a purpose and are discarded. These tissues still contain useful stem cells, which we can then collect and use in our stem cell therapy injections. We also use umbilical cord stem cell therapy as the materials for our procedures are harvested in the same way. In no way is mother or child harmed when these types of stem cells are used, and the tissues are donated.

Stem cell therapy doctor holding a tabletImproving Your Vitality

Vitality is a combination of our energy and motivation. Generally, when we are young, we feel most vital, and as we age, or incur damage through injury or trauma, vitality can begin to decrease. Much of this decrease in vitality is due to a slowing down of your body’s ability to heal and recover. It can also stem from spreading damage throughout different tissues. Regenerative cell therapy works to minimize that damage, and as a result, vitality begins to return to a patient. If you are finding it hard to stay motivated at work, or you don’t have enough energy to enjoy a full day out with your loved ones, consider reaching out to us. We offer free consultations to all of our potential patients.

Stop Being A Victim Of Pain

Regenerative stem cell therapy is one of the best ways to treat pain. Pain is often associated with damage, and when you re-engineer cells to function properly, pain is often one of the first things to go. If you have been trying to mask your pain with pills, take a step back, and consider regenerative medicine therapy. Pain can take away so much from your life, and there is no need to feel it any longer. We offer a free consultation with our providers in the Santa Clarita area – find out if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy.

Promoting Understanding Through Clinical Trials

R3 Stem Cell is different from many other stem cell providers in that we can conduct our own clinical trials. This is important to us for a number of reasons such as:

  • It allows us to see first-hand how different techniques work in a variety of different body types
  • It provides important data that can be used by other stem cell therapists around the world
  • It helps us continue our mission of professional development amongst our doctors and health care staff

When you visit us for your free trial, please do not hesitate to ask if we are currently conducting any clinical trials at this location. You may be eligible to join.

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Financing Regenerative Cell Therapy

Paying for any form of health care can be quite stressful. Since regenerative medicine is still considered experimental by most insurance companies, our patients generally have to pay for therapy on their own. That being said, there are financial benefits to choosing R3 Stem Cell over traditional forms of medical care:

  • Overnight hospital stays, particular multi-day ones, can cost more than our injections
  • We offer procedures that allow you to return home to recover the same day
  • Surgery can cost tens of thousands of dollars and require extensive pharmaceuticals and extensive physical therapy
  • We offer competitive financing options to those patients that qualify

Call 844-GET-STEM to request more information about your regenerative therapy options and to request a consultation with a stem cell doctor near Santa Clarita, California. At your appointment, your provider will discuss your health history and concerns to determine if you are a good candidate for therapy. They will also discuss the timeline for the procedure, cost, and answer any questions that you have.

A Santa Clarita woman breathes better after threrapyStem Cell Research In Southern California

UCLS is home to the Broad Stem Cell Research Center. This center is one of the premier research facilities in the United States and helps to move the field of regenerative medicine forward every single year. The center not only trains graduate students and research fellows to be the next generation of scientists but conducts its own clinical trials. One of the most impressive aspects of the center is that they provide a ton of outreach to the community. Visit their website to view the calendar of upcoming seminars, lectures, and more. You can also link to the research lab pages of their long list of faculty and even read published, peer-reviewed papers.

Eating Well In Santa Clarita

Californians have been known to care greatly about their wellness, particularly in terms of diet. This area of Southern California is rich in businesses that support several dietary wants and needs. With so many options to choose from, including paleo, ketogenic, vegan, pescatarian, gluten-free, and more, it is no wonder that so many grocery stores and restaurants are providing healthy alternatives. If your health needs a makeover, consider starting with what you eat. Fueling your body with nutritious food is one of the best ways to ensure that our therapy is properly supported. Check out these great healthy food options in your area:

  • Whole Foods Market: 24130 Valencia Blvd. Santa Clarita, CA
  • Eat Real Café: 23414 Lyons Ave. Santa Clarita, CA
  • Max Muscle Nutrition: 28305 Newhall Ranch Rd #3E Santa Clarita, CA
  • Trader Joe’s: 26517 Bouquet Canyon Rd. Santa Clarita, CA
  • Sprouts Farmers Market: 24285 Magic Mountain Pkwy. Santa Clarita, CA
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