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The R3 Stem Cell Center Serving San Bernardino, California
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The R3 Stem Cell Center serving the San Bernardino, California area, is proud to provide our patients with the best care through regenerative therapy. Our team are experts in this growing field of medicine and can get you relief from your pain with innovative therapy techniques. If you would like to learn more about how regenerative therapy can help you, visit our website and browse the free educational materials, videos, and testimonials of past clients. Call our offices at 844-GET-STEM to find your nearest R3 Stem Cell Center to schedule your free initial consultation.

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San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino is a beautiful city in the San Bernardino Mountain valley of California, just east of Los Angeles county. This city is home to California State University, one of the larger public universities in California. San Bernardino lies along route 66, making it easy to access from all parts of the country. The history and railroad museum in downtown San Bernardino boasts old relics of the late 1800 and 1900s and is still used by Amtrak today. If you enjoy nature, Glen Helen park is set between the San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountains and is gorgeous during every season. San Bernardino is a paradise city in the valleys of Californias mountain ranges where residents enjoy lovely weather and scenic views all year round.

What Is Regenerative Medicine Therapy?

Regenerative therapy is a large field of medicine that includes many different techniques aimed at renewing healthy tissue in an area, causing you pain. At R3 Stem Cell, our team uses many different specialized cells to help you naturally reduce your pain and discomfort. Many regenerative therapy procedures involve stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, growth factors, and exosomes. These cells can be found naturally in the body at the site of an injury after a trauma has occurred. They stimulate the growth of new and healthy cells to replace the ones that were damaged.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are one of the most commonly utilized methods in regenerative therapy because they can grow into any cell in the body. This new cell growth can replace damaged areas that may be causing your pain and discomfort. Stem cells are naturally found in bone marrow, fetal tissues like the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid, and even fat tissue. At R3 Stem Cell Centers, we use stem cells to help you regenerate and renew an area that was previously injured and is causing you pain. Stem cells can even renew growth in areas that have been damaged years prior and have not responded to traditional methods of pain management.

What Regenerative Cell Therapies Are Available For Me At The R3 Center Serving San Bernardino, CA?

There are many different sources to harvest stem cells and growth factors. The R3 Center serving San Bernardino can use the following regenerative therapy techniques:

  • Umbilical Cord-Derived Stem Cells:Umbilical cord stem cells are found in the tissue of umbilical cords that have been safely separated from a child after a C-section birth.
  • Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cells:Amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac contains a large number of stem cells that provided nutrients to a fetus during development.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: Platelet-rich plasma contains a cell called a growth factor. Growth factors can stimulate the production of new and healthy cells, just like stem cells.

San Bernardino doctor discusses stem cell therapy with her patientWhat Are The Benefits Of Receiving Regenerative Cell Therapy At The R3 Center Serving San Bernardino?

At the R3 Stem Cell Center serving San Bernardino, California, we strive to ensure you receive the full benefits of your regenerative therapy. All therapy methods will be unique to your pain and health goals. We have collectively performed over 60,000 regenerative therapy proceduresfor our patients, successfully alleviating their pain and discomfort. Our minimally invasive procedures can allow you to get your quality life back, be happier, and sleep better. Join the R3 Stem Cell Center serving San Bernardino and see how regenerative therapy can change lives.

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How Does Regenerative Medicine Therapy Differ From Other Pain Management Methods?

Many patients we see have reported that traditional methods of pain management no longer work for their pain and ailments. This can happen after being treated with a generic medication for a long period. Many pain medications stop being effective because the body has become used to the treatment, and is not addressing the real concern causing your pain. Regenerative therapy is a personalized method of controlling pain that allows your body to begin renewing the area of damage, ensuring it does not continue to get worse. At R3 Stem Cell, all of our stem cell therapy procedures are minimally invasive, allowing you to recover faster than after surgery. Visit your nearest R3 Center to learn more about how regenerative therapy differs from your traditional method of pain management.

When Should I See The Results From My Regenerative Cell Therapy?

After helping tens of thousands of patients get relief from their painful symptoms, R3 Stem Cell knows that these procedures can work quickly and efficiently. Many have reported that they have found the relief they seek after only one therapy procedure, and no longer have to return or use pain medications. If your ailment is causing severe pain, several procedures may become necessary before you find the relief you would like. However, the recovery time after a regenerative therapy procedure is far less than surgery. Visit the R3 Stem Cell Center serving San Bernardino for your free initial consultation so our team members can assess your ailment and determine if you are eligible for our therapies.

What Health Concerns Has The R3 Stem Cell Center Serving San Bernardino, CAHelped With?
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The R3 Stem Cell Center serving San Bernardino has helped many patients with different painful symptoms get the relief they are looking for. Some of the common health concerns we have seen at our Center are:

  • Relieving Bone Pain
  • Lessening Inflammation of Muscle
  • Controlling Progressive Spinal Ailments

These are just a few of the incredible things your nearest R3 Stem Cell Center can do for you and your pain. Call 844-GET-STEM to schedule your free stem cell therapy consultation.

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