R3 Stem Cell offers expert integrative care with cutting edge nonoperative treatments that are outpatient and safe. Over 10,000 procedures performed over the past 5 years.
First rate stem cell therapies including amniotic and umbilical cord tissue stem cells and PRP therapy. Avoid surgery by having stem cells repair and regenerate your injury today!


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It’s not only professional athletes that benefit from stem cell treatments. It is now mainstream and available to everyone from students to manual laborers, grandparents, parents, executives and amateur athletes.
R3 Stem Cell’s providers truly care about changing your life. With stem cell therapy, our highly skilled Scottsdale doctors offer you the possibility of avoiding risky surgery and achieving pain relief with therapies that regenerate and repair tissue, not just put a “band-aid” on the condition!
State-of-the-Art stem cell procedures to benefit you, allowing you to participate in recreational activities again, play with the kids and grandkids, and avoid the lengthy rehab associated with surgery.


Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

  • Avoid Potentially Risky Operations

  • Achieve Desired Pain Relief

  • Repair and Regenerate Damaged Joint Cartilage

  • Get Back to Your Sports and Recreational Activities Fast

  • Outpatient Treatments that are SAFE

  • Don’t Just Mask Pain, Repair Soft Tissue/Wounds/Tendons/Ligaments

  • Play More with YOUR Children and Grandchildren!

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Top Notch Scottsdale Stem Cell Therapy

The Expert Doctors at R3 Stem Cell Centers of Excellence are leaders in their fields. The doctors in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa and Surprise are highly qualified stem cell doctors with exceptional success rates.  Often times, the regenerative procedures are offered along with additional treatments such as trigger point therapy, prolozone therapy, massage and more.

With the providers offering extremely successful nonoperative regenerative medicine treatments for all types of musculoskeletal conditions, patients throughout the Scottsdale area are in the best hands with our top doctors!

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It’s not just professional athletes who benefit from stem cell treatments. Executives, amateur athletes, weekend warriors, students, grandparents can ALL benefit!
You may be able to get back on the field faster, heal a diabetic wound, avoid surgery. Imagine a treatment that can actually repair your problem and not just mask pain.
Cutting Edge stem cell treatments delivered in a first class setting by R3’s expert providers, the top stem cell treatments in the Southwest. Treatment with dedicated providers and compassionate staff.

When athletes in the 21st Century sustain injury such as tendonitis or a ligament injury, cartilage defect, or overuse injury,  the most cutting edge nonoperative treatments include stem cell therapy. Regenerative medicine assists with repair and regeneration which heals more thoroughly than your body can do by itself, not just mask the pain like a Band-aid.

R3 Stem Cell’s Centers of Excellence offes multiple stem cell regenerative medicine therapies for all types of conditions including sports injuries and degenerative/rheumatoid arthritis. First rate Scottsdale stem cell doctors offer the therapies. These treatments are very safe and there are multiple options available including PRP, umbilical cord tissue and amniotic derived stem cell therapies!