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Power Plasma – Activating Your Blood Stem Cells

What if you could get a tremendous amount of stem cells from your own blood?? Then a simple blood draw could be turned into a stem cell therapy!


Until now, it wasn’t possible to turn a blood draw into a stem cell therapy. That is, until R3 Stem Cell created Power Plasma!


Power Plasma, which is exclusive to R3 Stem Cell, involves the following proprietary technology:

The Power Plasma process starts with a simple blood draw. The amount of blood collected may be 30cc or 60cc, depending on the area(s) being treated. Some anticoagulant is placed into the blood to prevent coagulation. The blood is then spun quickly in a centrifuge to concentrate platelets, growth factors and INACTIVE stem cells.


Once this process is completed, then the revolutionary technology is performed. PRP itself doesn’t have active stem cells, so an activation process is needed to make them useful. Over a period of years, research has shown that several wavelengths of light can be applied to the blood over a specific period of time to activate the blood’s stem cells.




Known as human very small embryonic like stem cells (hVSEL’s), they are present in the blood and express similar surface antigens to pluripotent embryonic stem cells. In regular PRP, hVSEL’s are present at a few hundred thousand/ml. (Hollands et al, CellR4 2020)


Power Plasma is created by exposing the PRP to four different wavelengths of light. This not only increases the amount of hVSEL’s by 2.25x to over 1.5 million/ml, but also increases the surface markers indicating active stem cells!


In addition to increasing the amount of activated stem cells in one’s blood, the photo-biomodulation significantly increases the amount of growth factors available. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has confirmed that the placement of PRP in a photoactivation device prior to injection can enhance the effect of growth factors, bioactive molecules, cytokines, and other healing components.  


Irmak et al published a study in the European Journal of Biopharmacology showing that photoactivation not only increases the amount of growth factors by over 20% from regular PRP, but also elongates the period of growth factor release. Whereas, normal PRP releases growth factors for just a few days, photoactivated PRP releases growth factors for a month!

This acts to enhance the healing potential for Power Plasma, and turns one’s blood into a stem cell regenerative therapy. Let’s clarify what other methods of PRP activation can do. A study by Dr. Oliver Smith in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons looked at various ways to activate PRP and the resulting growth factor concentration. The activation methods included addition of calcium chloride with or without ethanol and Vitamin C.


The result was that no increase in growth factors was seen! So photo-activation is a humongous improvement from calcium chloride “activation” of PRP.


Patients who come to R3 Stem Cell want the premier regenerative therapy options available. So R3 continously works to forge the field of regenerative medicine forward with cutting edge options for patients.

The combination of Power Plasma with umbilical cord stem cell and exosome therapies is the best way to effectively assist those with chronic joint and back pain. Considering that joint replacement and back surgeries have significant risks and recovery times, it’s reasonable to attempt regenerative therapies to obtain nonsurgical relief.


For over a decade, R3 Stem Cell has been at the forefront of nonsurgical, noninvasive treatments to help patients achieve long lasting relief. Power Plasma is another option for patients to achieve the goal by using one’s OWN blood! It’s all natural, safe and very cost effective.


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The USA stem cell leader offers procedures in

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