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Our Honolulu, Hawaii Center
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R3 Stem Cell has offices nationwide, even in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our Honolulu center is committed to giving patients the best level of care possible. We also aim to make our patients feel comfortable through this confusing and sometimes intimidating process of regenerative therapy. All of our physicians are leading professionals in their fields, and make themselves available to their patients as much as possible. We highly recommend checking out our website prior to scheduling an appointment with us. After looking at our online resources, please be sure to schedule a complimentary visit with the physicians in our Honolulu office in order to determine the best course of regenerative therapy.

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What Are Exosomes and How Do They Work?

Exosomes are technically cellular by-products that cells in the body use to communicate with one another. Exosomes are used to notify the body when to release stem cells. As people age, their stem cells do not send out as many exosomes as they did when they were younger. Exosomes help control the environment in the body. Therefore, if a part of the body is sick, exosomes can provide the information for the cells to fix themselves. They are able to trigger an immediate reaction that lasts about 24 hours. However, long term effects can last 6-8 months. Exosomes are not fully understood. However, they have been shown to help in regenerative therapy for various conditions, and therefore, show a significant amount of promise for the future.

Are All FDA and Umbilical Products The Same?

In short, no. They are not. While the raw material that comes from the donor is roughly the same, the end product can vary greatly, depending on where you choose to seek treatment. In some cases, a biological product may go through radiation or preservatives which can kill off many of the necessary cells. This can make the treatments less effective. Here at our Honolulu office, all donors are heavily screened for disease, are guaranteed to be under 35 years of age, and all DNA factors are removed in order to prevent potential rejection. R3 Stem Cell only processes these tissues in an FDA approved lab in order to ensure the highest standard for our patients. R3 has extensively vetted the materials and the labs they use, which is why over 10,000 patients have trusted us with their treatment over the last six years.

A honolulu man with a knee injuryWhat Conditions Can Benefit from Regenerative Therapy?

Fortunately, there are many different conditions that can benefit from regenerative therapy, and the list seems to grow more and more each year. However, it is important to remember no outcome can be guaranteed. The physicians in our Honolulu, HI office have been trained to provide therapy for a wide range of conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, neurologic conditions, migraine, diabetes, and back pain to name a few. We see patients who are early on in life and are looking to play competitive sports, to those who are later on in life and just looking to be able to hold their grandchildren without pain. Regenerative therapy can be used to help people suffering from a wide range of ailments.

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Will My Insurance Cover Regenerative Therapy?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover regenerative therapy as a general rule of thumb. This is not specific to our Honolulu office. Rather, regardless of where you go for therapy, it is unlikely that your insurance will cover the procedures. However, this is not because regenerative therapy does not work. Rather, it is because it is very difficult for pharmaceutical companies to patent the biologics used in regenerative therapy since they come from the human body. In addition, regenerative therapy is relatively new. It can take insurance companies anywhere from 5-10 years to begin covering new procedures. There are a few states where patients may file a claim under Worker’s Compensation if the regenerative therapy helps them get back to their job. Regardless, R3 Stem Cell does not believe cost should ever get in the way of receiving adequate treatment. For this reason, we offer various financing and payment plans to our qualified patients.

Why Are Stem Cells Superior to Other Forms of Pain Management?

Pain management is a very complicated process because each person is unique, and thus needs a different plan. Currently, common pain management forms include medication, physical therapy, surgery, rest, etc. However, our Honolulu, HI office specializes in the use of regenerative therapy to help those suffering from pain. This is because we view stem cells and other biologic tissue as a minimally invasive and superior form of pain management, which helps our patients live a better quality of life. These procedures are unique because they allow patients to experience less tissue damage, a shorter recovery time, and a reduced chance of infection. In addition, each procedure is developed uniquely for the patient it is being used on. At the Honolulu office, we take the time to fully understand each patient’s ailments, and work with you to develop the best route of treatment possible, using regenerative therapy to give you the best quality of life possible.

How Long Does Regenerative Therapy Take?
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The physicians at our Honolulu office are well aware that many patients have been suffering for a long period of time, and are looking to feel better as soon as possible. We believe each individual is unique, and therefore, each treatment plan will differ. Therefore, it is impossible to give a generalized timeline on how long it will take to see results or begin feeling better. Some patients come to us needing only one round of treatment. Whereas other patients come to us and require multiple treatments that span over multiple months. Our Honolulu center always requires you to come in for a free, in-person consultation, before quoting a timeline. Regardless of the length of your specific therapy plan, recovery from regenerative therapies is far less than the recovery time of surgical options. The main goal of our R3 Stem Cell doctors is to have our patients feeling their absolute best as soon as possible.

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