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Self-Healing With R3 Stem Cell
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Your body is a powerful machine that has an incredible ability to heal itself after damage. Your immune system is the main proponent of this, although all of your body’s systems play a roll in recovery. As we age, or sometimes because of genetic predispositions, our immune system can become compromised and make healing slow down. This is where R3 Stem Cell providers come in. Our professional health care specialists work with you to retune your body’s mechanisms for recovery so that you can be feeling your best at any stage of your life. Please reach out to us today to set up a free consultation and to learn more about how we can serve you or a loved one.

Who We Serve

We are dedicated to bringing health and happiness to our Cape Coral area patients. We encourage you to visit the Success Stories section of our website to learn more about how we’ve helped patients in the past and to see real-life accounts of our work. Some of the common ailments we see include:

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  • Reduced vitality
  • Impeded memory
  • Inflexibility or reduced mobility
  • Decreased motivation
  • Pain, either localized or general
  • Respiratory issues

Stem Cell Therapy & Your Health

Stem cells are easily one of the most important discoveries to both science and medicine in the past century.  These cells have the ability to transform into nearly any tissue type depending on what messages it receives from either your body or external forces.  This makes these cells useful for rejuvenation because they can help to replace cell that has either become mutated or damaged beyond repair. Stem cells can either be derived from your own body or harvested from sources outside of your body. What is important to realize is that once they begin to work within your own physiology, they become your own cells.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

With the consent of a baby’s parents, blood can be taken from the umbilical cord of a baby immediately after birth. This in no way harms the baby or its mother. It is a resource that would otherwise be considered biological waste and discarded along with the placenta after birth. The types of stem cells found in umbilical cord blood are known as hematopoietic stem cells and give rise to red blood cells and cells associated with the immune system such as helper T cells, phagocytes, and more. Mesenchymal stromal cells are also found in umbilical cord blood and have been shown to give rise to cells associated with your bone and cartilage. Umbilical cord blood is one of the premier forms of therapy R3 Stem Cell providers could use to help you.

Amniotic Stem Cells

Materials found in amniotic fluid and amniotic tissue, another waste product that is collected with consent after a newborn has healthily been delivered, have long been used in orthopedics. The stem cells found in amniotic tissues and fluids have been found to give rise to the cells of skin, nerves, cartilage, bone, cardiac tissue, and muscle. The components found in amniotic fluid and tissue are often used in conjunction with other forms of regenerative therapy as support. For example, athletic injuries have been shown to respond very well to therapies paired with amniotic compounds.

Exosome Therapy

Exosomes are quickly becoming one of R3 Stem Cell’s preferred ways to help patients. You are a multicellular being, and in order for your body to function as a collective, your cells need to be able to communicate with each other. Your cells, therefore, make exosomes, which are small bubbles of membrane that can contain chemicals, genetic information, or any other type of signal that needs to be sent from one cell to another. This is related to stem cells because it has been seen by researchers that if you can deliver the compounds in which stem cells were growing into your body’s own cells (through the use of exosomes), it can have the same positive therapeutic effects. To learn more about this form of therapy and to see if you are a candidate for it, please reach out to us today and schedule your free consultation.

Cape Coral woman with an ankle injuryR3’s Other Forms Of Regenerative Therapy

R3 Stem Cell has been providing exceptional therapy to patients across this country for over six years. In that time, so many advances have been made to the field of regenerative therapy. In addition to exosome therapy, some of our pro

  • viders may now offer the following regenerative procedures:
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections
  • Bone marrow stem cells
  • Adipose stem cells
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Stem Cell Research In Florida

The University of Florida Health is home to an impressive stem cell research program. Their relatively new Center for Regenerative Medicine, led by Keith March, is hoping to take the work of recruited regenerative therapy researchers and merge it with research from the six health colleges the university is home to. March stated in an interview for the school that bone marrow transplants are a widely used form of regenerative medicine and that there is so much more to learn about this field. March’s work has already led to 55 worldwide patents associated with the field, especially when using adipose tissues for therapy. Keep an eye on this center and visit their website regularly to learn more about research, published studies, and even events being hosted by the program.

Using Your Local Resources

The Florida public health department is a wonderful resource if you are looking to revamp your wellness. The department is focused on delivering educational materials and information to the public so they can make healthier choices. They also offer many clinics for free or at reduced costs for immunizations, screenings, sexual health, women’s health, geriatric health, and much more. If you are dealing with addiction, including cigarettes and alcohol, the department offers support and resources. Visit the Lee County Health Department website regularly to see when upcoming clinics or seminars are taking place.

Healthy Eating In Cape Coral
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Nourishing your body with healthy food is one of the best ways to ensure longevity and vitality. So many self-sabotage by eating diets that are high in unhealthy fat and processed foods. Fueling yourself with nutritious meals not only feels good but tastes great, especially when you consider all of the diet-conscious options available in Cape Coral. Our R3 Stem Cell providers suggest that you look at your diet and make adjustments as necessary to ensure your body has the right materials to recovery before, during, and even well after your therapy. Here are some suggested places to eat around Cape Coral:

Cafe` YOU: A great morning coffee place with healthy bites and Australian flare.

Aji Limon Peruvian Cuisine: Peruvian food with vegetarian and pescatarian options – try the avocado stuffed with seafood.

Loving Hut: This vegan Asian-inspired chain is quickly growing — a nice casual place with counter service.

Kreips & Juices:  A lovely spot for a weekend brunch that keeps fruit, veggies, and whole grains front and center.

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