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Being Healthy When Eating Out
Aerial view of the city skylin in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Sticking to a smart diet when eating out in Fort Wayne can be tough if you aren’t thoughtful about your decisions. Consider:

  • Order a meal that is mostly vegetarian to ensure you are getting enough vital nutrients and fiber
  • Skip the alcoholic or sugary beverage
  • Try to avoid fried options

If you are looking to modify your diet or simply looking for a new place to try out, we recommend the following eateries. Each has its unique spin on health-conscious dishes:

  • Loving Cafe: Lots of vegan options and are known for their mushroom soup and vegan “BBQ” sandwich
  • Banh Mi Barista: This Vietnamese restaurant offers veggie and non-veggie options alike with fresh flavors and lean proteins available.
  • Three Rivers Food Co-op & Natural Grocery: Although not a restaurant, this is a good two-for-one stop. Go a bit of grocery shopping to make sure you are eating healthy options at home and pick up one of their delicious sandwiches at their cafe.
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Setting Fitness Goals

Fort Wayne is home to many fantastic races throughout the year. Whether you are looking to run, walk, or cycle your way towards a 5K or a marathon, there is an option for you. Training for a race is one of the most satisfying endeavors because it keeps you motivated towards a goal while keeping your daily activity regiment on track. Plus, there are many clubs and meetups that allow you to train with people, making it a fun social endeavor. Here are just a few of the annual options:

An Alternative To Pharmaceuticals

NBC Fort Wayne recently published a wonderful article about the benefits of stem cell therapy for veterans. In the article, they discuss how the nation’s opioid crisis has disproportionately affected veterans because of the chronic pain many of them experience after their service. Stem cell therapy is proving to be a very effective alternative to the use of options and does not come with the risk of addiction. Luckily many veterans do qualify for assistance when paying for regenerative therapy. If you or a veteran you know in the Fort Wayne area could benefit from our procedures, please reach out to an R3 Stem Cell provider today.

A Fort Wayne doctor sees a patient for chronic shoulder painWhat Is Regenerative Therapy?

There are many forms of therapy available, but regenerative therapy might be one of the most advanced and exciting fields of therapy today. Regeneration is the process by which your body’s ability to restore itself is improved.  Each of our immune systems is made up of organs, cells, and other components that already know how to tackle most of the diseases and ailments we may come across. As we age, however, our immune system slows down. Regenerative therapy aims to rejuvenate this system so it can continue to protect us for years to come.

Avoiding Surgery

Although surgery is a very effective solution for many patients, it comes with a lot of drawbacks. First off, it is very invasive and often requires lengthy recovery times. For some issues, surgery may be too invasive to treat damaged tissue or organs properly. Another issue is the cost – surgeries can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. This is especially concerning, since results are not guaranteed. If you or a loved one are debating about receiving surgery, consider reaching out to one of our providers for a free consultation and to see if you may be able to avoid surgery altogether. Call 844-GET-STEM today.

Using Stem Cells

Pluripotent stem cells can make many cell types from the three basic body layers. This means they have the potential to aid in the replacement and production of cells. Stem cells are also able to self-renew, meaning they can continually produce more copies of themselves as time goes on. Stem cells able to mature into three groups of cells that form our bodies:

  • Ectoderm — Skin and nervous system
  • Endoderm — Gastrointestinal and respiratory systems, endocrine glands, pancreas, and liver
  • Mesoderm —Bone, joint and other cartilage, circulatory system, muscle fibers and tissue, and connective tissue.
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Using Stem Cells From Your Fatty Tissues

Although many of our providers offer both bone marrow and adipose (fat) derived stem cell procedures, many people opt for adipose-based treatments. When you come in for a free consultation, we can discuss which procedure would be more appropriate for your particular case. The great thing about using either process is that we are injecting your own cells back into you, just in a particular place that will be most effective. This means there is no chance of your body rejecting your cells because they already recognize them. All of your cells have MHC complexes on them, which are small proteins that act as a name tag, so you do not attack your own cells.

Resuming Normal Activity

Like any health-related procedure, recovery is a necessary aspect of therapy. Allowing the body to recover helps to ensure that the body will take to the therapy and reduces any negative side effects that could occur. Luckily, regenerative therapy has relatively short recovery times compared with surgery. When recovering, remember to:

  • Rest for 24-48 hours after the procedure
  • Reduce intense physical exertion for two weeks after the procedure
  • Know you may be sore – we do offer post-procedure products to help with this
  • Continue to eat a healthy diet so you can provide your regenerating cells with the right compounds
  • Contact us at any point if you notice any drastic changes in your overall health

Do I Qualify As A Patient?
A senior Fort Wayne man rests on a bench after a run
Regenerative therapy is one of the most flexible forms of health care available, meaning it serves a vast number of people. It is also individualized and the injections we use work to serve your own biology – other forms of medical intervention are a one-size-fits-all approach, which often means mediocre results for many. Some of the common issues we serve include:

  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic respiratory issues
  • Mobility concerns
  • Reduced vitality and issues with motivation/ lethargy
  • Mood swings and memory concerns

Our Free Consultations

Our R3 Stem Cell centers near Fort Wayne all offer free consultations for future patrons who are considering regenerative therapy. During a free consultation we:

  • Go over your entire medical history
  • Discuss all physical and mental concerns you are dealing with
  • Educate you on all aspects of your proposed therapy and provide you with access to webinars, seminars and more
  • Outline a therapy plan and discuss post-procedure products for quicker recovery
  • Discuss financing options if you qualify
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