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After ten years of success in the US with over 21,000 procedures and an 85% patient satisfaction, R3 is now International! R3 Stem Cell International now includes clinics in Mexico and Pakistan, with more countries on the way.

The goal?

To offer patients extremely successful stem cell and exosome therapies for all types of medical conditions including autism, Lyme, MS, ALS, dementia, stroke, kidney failure, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, autoimmune conditions, neurologic, cardiac, pulmonary, renal, diabetes, Crohn’s, Hepatitis, Anti Aging and much more!

And to offer the procedures with biologics that are SAFE with high cell counts using effective protocols at pricing that is unbeatable.

Where are R3 Stem Cell
International’s Centers located?

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Our experience, along with peer reviewed research studies are showing us that when it comes to treatment, STEM CELL COUNTS MATTER! Receiving stem cell therapy with appropriately effective stem cell counts needs to be cost effective for patients, especially considering that repeat treatment every 1 to 4 years will most likely be necessary.
Before investing $25 thousand to $70 thousand US dollars on stem cell therapies at clinics internationally, consider this. R3’s Centers cost for 50 million stem cells averages $4k to $6k US dollars, with the biologics maintaining quality assurance that meets stringent FDA standards for acquisition, processing and storage!
Obviously, your decision for stem cell therapy should not solely be based on cost. Because a Center could be cutting corners to achieve a lower price right? Absolutely, but not at R3 Stem Cell International. Our goal internationally has always been to offer the Mercedes of stem cell therapy for the cost of a Chevy.
We’ve met that goal, and here’s how. R3 has leveraged its significant volume to achieve extremely competitive biologics pricing. Those savings are passed through to patients. The combination of amazing outcomes, safe biologics with high cell counts and unbeatable pricing is something no other international Center can match!


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