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The Use of Regenerative Therapy
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Regenerative therapy is in one of its most exciting stages in history yet. Because of advances in the field of biology, chemistry, medicine, computer science, and engineering, health care professionals are able to help patients with more acuity than ever. Regenerative therapy is different from surgery or pharmaceutical drugs because the plan can be tailored to your exact needs and immune system. Even though all humans share a lot of their DNA, how our bodies function and their physical nature are very unique. Regenerative therapy allows us to harness the individuality of your body and allows you to self-rejuvenate.

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Stem Cell Therapy Using Umbilical Cord And Amniotic Cells

You’ve probably heard a lot about stem cells and their uses for treatment. Much of the research that is going into science is specifically geared towards studying stem cells because of their incredible properties. We here at R3 Stem Cell use two main forms of stem cells – those from amniotic tissues and from amniotic cord blood. These are considered products of conception and would normally be discarded after delivery.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Umbilical cord blood and tissue, usually disposed after birth, is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells. These give rise to everything from skin to bone to cartilage. Umbilical cord stem cells have been used in orthopedics for quite some time now with much applause. Umbilical cord tissues do not need to be obtained from your own body to work on your cells. They can be induced to work with your own immune system to help with recovery. R3 Stem Cell can also use these in conjunction with other procedures to enhance rejuvenation. Some of our other forms of therapy include PRP injections and the use of microRNAs.


One of the newest forms of regenerative therapy is exosome therapy. This therapy is used to enhance intracellular communication and expedite the recovery process. Each of the cells in your body makes tiny “shipping contains” of plasma membrane and information in order to send information between physiological systems. In our therapy, we use these same containers to send everything from compounds to microRNAs directly to the source of trauma to improve things like cell division, apoptosis, or gene therapy. Their uses differ with each patient. Please reach out to an R3 Stem Cell provider near Frisco today to set up a free consultation and to see if you are a candidate for exosome therapy.

Breathe Easy, Sleep Well

People of all ages and backgrounds deal with a variety of health concerns throughout their life. Because of the flexibility of regenerative therapy, this makes it a fantastic option for a number of people. A few common issues we see our patients dealing with include:

  • Respiratory issues: Trouble breathing trigger a cascade of other health issues or experience long bouts of lethargy
  • Pain: Chronic and acute pain can come with other health issues or sometimes as a side effect of other treatments such as invasive surgery
  • Vitality: As we age, we lose a lot of stamina and energy we once had. This can reduce the quality of one’s lifestyle and ability to enjoy their families fully

Frisco doctor examines patients knee injuryRecovering With R3

One of the things that set R3 apart is that we are dedicated to helping you from the moment we meet you. During your free consultation, we will take a deep look at your medical history and layout a therapy plan specific to your needs. Our facilities are top-of-the-line so that on the day of your procedure, you feel safe and secure. After you are cleared to return home, we will continue to stay in contact to make sure that you are recovering well. We offer post-procedure products to enhance the recovery process and can complete more rounds of therapy if it is necessary.

Financing Your Health

Paying for healthcare can be a stressful situation. Stress is antithetical to recovery, so R3 Stem Cell aims to work with you to make it as seamless a process as possible. We have a number of financing options available to meet every type of lifestyle and need. We hope in the near future that more insurance companies will begin to support regenerative therapy. Until then, please discuss your concerns with us, and we will work with you to attain your health goals with as little financial burden as possible.

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Texas Stem Cell Research

The Texas Heart Institute (THI) has been home to stem cell research for over 18 years, an impressive span that has led to some amazing discoveries. THI focuses on work that reduces or even reverses damage, disease or trauma that happens to the heart. The Texas Heart Institute has partnered with the Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Research Network (CCTRN) in order to find new ways to improve the treatment of heart failure through clinical trials. The Institute is dedicated to sharing their work with scientists and health care professionals around the globe through talks, conferences and publications. They even host educational outreach programs for all ages, including school children, so they can learn about the incredible science behind their work. Visit their website to learn more about their research and the events they host.

Be Healthy, Be Happy

Frisco has fairly mild winters, but summers can be brutally hot and humid. Because of this, staying active year-round can be a challenge. We encourage our patients to maintain an active lifestyle after their therapy as it helps to ensure lifelong health and also helps to avoid relapses. Starting out with a few days a week of moderate exercise can greatly improve your immune system function, cardiovascular strength, and more. Whether you prefer to workout alone on cardio machines, lift weights in a group class setting, or perhaps learn a new skill such as tai chi or dance, Friso has options for you. A few places to begin your look include:

  • Neon Cycle + Strength: (214) 308-0670
  • Life Time Fitness: (972) 307-2200
  • SWEAT: (214) 956-6700
  • Cowboys Fit: (972) 437-5000
  • Frisco Athletic Center: (972) 292-6600

Reassessing Your Diet
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If you are recovering from an injury or sickness, it is important to feed your body what it needs. This includes foods that are high in nutrients such as folates, omega-3, protein, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Some foods that have these properties include legumes, dark greens, berries, and fresh seafood. Maintaining a healthy diet after recovery is also very important. If you revert back to a diet that consists of a lot of red meat or maybe you eat a lot of fast food, consider visiting a nutritionist. Nutritionists can look at your lifestyle, medical history, and activity level and help you choose a diet that is right for your health. Because everyone’s physiological chemistry is a little different, a diet that works for one person might not be as effective for you. The following are some Frisco-area nutritionists to consider:

  • Frisco Fit Nutrition: 3231 Preston Rd Frisco, TX
  • Leann Forst, MBA CHC: 3425 W Main St Frisco, TX
  • Laura Precourt, DC: 2237 W Parker Rd Frisco, TX
  • Frisco Yoga & Nutrition: 4040 Legacy Dr Frisco, TX
  • Rachel Scheer Nutrition: 5900 S Lake Forest Dr Frisco, TX
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