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Understanding Stem Cell Transplant Process

Understanding Stem Cell Transplant Process

Several clinical studies on stem cell transplants demonstrate that the procedure causes a lasting and significant reduction in pain due to injuries and medical disorders.  Some common injuries may include advanced arthritis, shoulder, and knee pain. While most patients experience instant improvement in their condition, others may take 3 to 6 months to feel the stem cell transplant’s positive effects.

Let’s delve into the details to understand the stem cell transplant process, its importance in the medical domain, and how stem cell therapy doctors in Phoenix, AZ, can help you.


Why Stem Cell Therapy is Effective

Stem cells have significant potential to cultivate various cells in the body during their early growth. Moreover, in different tissues, the cells serve as a repair system and divide without limiting other cells’ ability to replenish. When the stem cells divide, they can remain the same cell or turn into another cell type using a specialized function. These cells may include red blood cells, muscle cells, and brain cells.

The reason stem cells are unique and effective is that they are the only cell type that can morph into various other specialized cells. They are also present in many parts of your body but are more concentrated in the central part, like bone marrow. Phoenix stem cell treatment is nearly painless as the doctor aspirates a small amount of bone marrow from your body and concentrates it with a centrifuge.

Phoenix stem cell treatment

After that, they re-inject it back into the injury or damaged site. If you inject your own stem cells into the damaged joint, they amplify the body’s natural repairability. Also, it reduces inflammation, accelerates healing, and prevents the loss of function.

Using stem cell transplant is a powerful approach to treat joint diseases such as arthritis and an effective solution for tendon, ligament, cartilage, and bone problems.


How Doctors Collect Stem Cells for Transplant

Mainly, doctors collect stem cells using three ways.

  • Peripheral Stem Cell Transplant

Medical professorial collect stem cells from circulating blood in a process called apheresis. In apheresis, they remove blood from a central line via a needle in the arm and collect the stem cells.  The other blood components remain safe, and doctors transfer them in the arm through the central line or a needle.

  • Core Blood Transplant

Medical professionals collect stem cells from the umbilical cord and freeze them. The process doesn’t affect the baby as doctors replant the blood after the delivery.

  • Bone Marrow Transplant

 In this method, doctors collect bone marrow using a syringe and needle from the donor’s hipbone.


In conclusion, stem cell therapy enables the body to repair damaged tissues without any invasive procedure. It is a simple and quick transplant that can stimulate your natural healing power and reduce pain. 

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