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When Your Headache Requires Stem Cell Therapy

When Your Headache Requires Stem Cell Therapy

Headaches usually come in various types, and even though they don’t feel the same way, they are typified by pain in the head. There are two main categories of headaches, which are based on the causes and symptoms. Symptom-based headaches are typically referred to as primary headache disorders, and they include cluster headaches, tension headaches, and migraines. Cause-based headaches also referred to as secondary headache disorders are typically a result of injuries, substance abuse or withdrawal, infections, and different ailments.

Typically, headache management is simple and over-the-counter medication will just be effective enough to relieve the patient of the symptoms. However, there are some levels of headaches that are a bit more complex and will require a much more intense treatment level.

Are you wondering if stem cell treatment will be effective for headaches and migraines? This article explains the point where your headache will require stem cell treatment.

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Conventional treatment for headaches

As mentioned earlier, there are situations where simple over-the-counter medication may not just be enough for your headaches. This is especially true for symptom-based headaches like migraines. Migraines are typically treated in three different medication styles. First, there is the preventative care that helps to prevent migraine attacks, then there is the acute treatment which is reactive and treats the attack as soon as it begins. Then, there is the rescue treatment that simply deals with the migraine when the acute treatment fails.

Asides from these, headaches are also managed with mechanical pain relief like applying cold or heat packs and pressure on the affected area. This may provide some level of relief. Massages, reflexology, Botox injections, and biofeedback are other less used treatments for migraine.

Stem cell treatment for headaches

Although most patients respond positively to regular medication, there are some that still experience headaches even after the use of these medications. For some others, they react negatively to some migraine medications and this could easily throw out the benefits of the medication. In these cases, stem cell therapy may be considered.

People suffering from migraines may benefit greatly from stem cell therapy. The way it works is that the stem cells will be injected into the body through an intra-arterial method to ensure that they reach the brain in a higher concentration. The cells will quickly develop into healthy blood cells which will then replace the unhealthy blood cells that already exist in the body.

Stem cell treatment is a great alternative because of the intense effect stem cells have on inflammation. Inflammation has been proven to be existent during migraine attacks and may attract stem cells. However, only a doctor can determine when a stem cell treatment is right for your migraines.

Stem cell therapy can be a great alternative to the migraine and headache treatments currently available. If you are in need of stem cell therapy, to treat your persistent headaches, reach out to (844) GET-STEM today for a consultation.

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