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Top Reasons To Consider Stem Cell Therapy

Top Reasons To Consider Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is still a relatively new therapy in the field of medicine. As a result, many people may feel reserved about undergoing the procedure. In addition, the lack of FDA approval can also cause some worry. However, after learning more about stem cell therapy and what it entails, many patients are eager to begin the process. Stem cell therapy has been an amazing new discovery in the field of science and has greatly improved the lives of many people. Below are some of the top reasons to consider undergoing stem cell therapy in Phoenix, AZ. 


  1. It Can Prevent Surgery: One of the biggest draws to stem cell therapy is that it can prevent the need for surgery later on in life, or at least push the timeline for surgery back. For example, many people who suffer from knee pain try a variety of different treatments without any success. Medications eventually stop working, physical therapy only works as long as they are doing it, cortisone shots are painful and do not allow for lasting effects. As a result, most people begin to consider surgery. However, surgery comes with a significant amount of risks. In addition, many people who get knee surgery young will need to have it again later in life. Fortunately, stem cell therapy can help the body to heal the knee joint, and thus eliminate the need for surgery. Even in cases where it does not eliminate the need for surgery, surgery may be able to be pushed back.stem cell injections Arizona
  2. It Is Minimally Invasive: Another draw to stem cell therapy is its minimally invasive nature. Whether the stem cells being used on your body are coming from another donor, or yourself, stem cell therapy is minimally invasive. Stem cell therapy requires an injection into the part of the body that is damaged. As a result, the largest risk of stem cell therapy is typically a risk of infection at the injection site. However, if you go to a reputable clinic, the chances of this happening should be incredibly low.
  3. It Is Effective: This is possibly the most enticing reason to undergo stem cell therapy. It is effective! Many people complain that stem cell therapy is not approved by the FDA and therefore must not be effective. However, this cannot be further from the truth. Stem cell therapy is not approved by the FDA because it utilizes a biologic. Biologics can never be approved by the FDA. However, this does not mean it is ineffective.


Many people spend months if not years trying to find a way to make their pain more manageable. Countless medications, therapies, and even surgeries leave them feeling defeated. However, there are countless patient testimonials of those who have undergone stem cell therapy with phenomenal results. There is no denying that stem cell therapy works and for many long years, we have been trying to look for ways to fight and manage conditions and diseases. Do not hesitate if you or a loved one is suffering. Make an appointment to try out stem cell injections in Arizona as soon as possible.

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