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R3 Stem Cell Now Offering a Free Cryogenic Freezer Program

R3 Stem Cell Now Offering a Free Cryogenic Freezer Program

The nation’s leader in regenerative therapies, R3 Stem Cell, is now offering providers a free cryogenic freezer program. The program is offered to R3’s Partners, and does not involve any up front investment. The cryogenic freezers keep the regenerative biologics at temperatures of -80 degrees Celsius, which keeps the material viable containing millions of viable regenerative cells.

One of the main benefits of the cryogenic stem cell freezer is that practices have the biologic on hand when needed. Procedures with amniotic or umbilical cord stem cell material don’t have to be delayed due to any necessary overnight shipping. In addition, R3 outfits each freezer with a temperature probe for continuous monitoring. The monitoring logs continuously, so there is a record of everything and if the power goes off everyone gets notified through text and email.

R3’s Partnership Program is a comprehensive offering that includes patient acquisition, sales training, first rate biologics, seminars, protocols and provider training. Essentially the program includes everything necessary for a practice to implement a turnkey regenerative medicine program.

Here is an overview of the R3 Stem Cell Cryogenic Freezer Program. Call us today at (844) GET-STEM for more information and to get started!

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