How to Choose the Right Stem Cell Clinic for You

How to Choose the Right Stem Cell Clinic for You

How to Choose the Right Stem Cell Clinic for You

For the past 5 years and most especially in the past 2 years, the phrase “stem cell therapy” has been wildly flung, promoted, and popularized by the media. In most cases, these promotions and advertisements are in good faith as stem cell therapy has made quite the splash in the world of new useable and effective medical treatments, but it is wise to put in the research in order to make sure you receive stem cell therapy from the best and most reputable clinics.

R3 Stem Cell Clinics stem cell therapy Phoenix Arizona have many other locations across the nation, and most recently, have begun operating overseas. These clinics have performed tens of thousands of successful procedures across the United States to provide patients with the best opportunity for healing and we have seen extraordinary results. These clinics use only the most effective harvesting and centrifuge methods to help patients receive the best possible stem cell therapy given to their specific injury or ailment.

Not only do the clinics specialize in stem cell therapy, but all regenerative procedures; with the name representing dedication to the body’s natural processes of Repairing, Regenerating, and Restoring (R3).  These clinics offer platelet-rich plasma therapy as well as a new emerging treatment called exosome therapy. Oftentimes other clinics boast and promote regenerative medical procedures without having the proper certifications or expertise in successfully performing patient’s procedures so it is important to choose carefully and speak with as many professionals as possible before committing to a clinic.

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The most common and sought-after stem cell therapy in Arizona is for patients suffering from orthopedic trauma and injury. In this regard, stem cell injections have demonstrated high success rates and kept thousands from receiving far more invasive procedures. These outcomes, however, are dependent on the expertise of regenerative medicine specialists and the actual type or mode of stem cell transplant the patient is receiving.

Oftentimes, clinics do not have doctors and physicians that are qualified to be performing such procedures, which dramatically decreases the rate of success for stem cell therapy. Because of the hype in the media over the past 5 years or so, clinics have been popping up across the country in hopes to profit off unwitting patients desperately looking for a treatment they have not tried.

These clinics are often run by a team of nursing staff that are not physicians, orthopedic specialists, or regenerative medicine specialists who actually have the expertise to perform the image-guided and injury-specific stem cell injections. Without the proper guidance and knowledge of exactly where the stem cells should be injected and what type should be used, the outcome of the procedure could be completely jeopardized. Additionally, stem cell clinics that are not run by regenerative doctors and teams of highly trained professionals oftentimes only offer amniotic stem cell therapy because they don’t specialize in autologous cellular extraction, or harvesting and replicating the patient’s own stem cells from bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissue.

Bone marrow and adipose stem cell therapy in Arizona contain living adult stem cells that the body can utilize immediately. Although amniotic fluid treatments contain growth factors that can be beneficial to stem cell growth and inflammation, they do not actually contain live adult stem cells. It is important to have a regenerative specialist like those here at R3 Stem Cell clinics who can explain the procedure and the source of the stem cells you will be receiving. Optimize your procedure’s potential for success with stem cell therapy in Phoenix, Arizona! 


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