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Adipose Stem Cell Therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

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Adipose Stem Cell Therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Adipose stem cell therapy is a procedure that uses a patient’s own fat tissue. As we’ll discuss here, the regenerative elements in the fat present an incredible option for patients to regenerate their joints and soft tissues resulting in pain relief.


It’s an autologous procedure, where “auto” means self as the fat comes from the patient.


Because the fat tissue is obtained from the patient, there is no risk of disease transmission, rejection and the risk of infection is super low. Even as we age, humans have an incredible amount of stem cells in their fat along with growth factors and other regenerative elements.




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Why use fat tissue for regenerative therapies to provide pain relief and for aesthetic practices? There are several reasons:


In fact, studies show there are up to 200,000 adipose stem cells per cc of adipose tissue. With a typical adipose procedure harvesting 60cc’s of fat, that amounts to 12 million viable, active stem cells per procedure!


Having stated that, no two people are the same. Adipose tissue is created by the individual, and is a reflection of genetics, food intake, medications, supplements, toxin exposure, etc. So one person may have a remarkable amount of stem cells and other regenerative elements such as exosomes, growth factors, cytokines which will produce an optimal result. However, an individual with a terrible diet, smoker and exposure to toxins may have a suboptimal adipose tissue.


Who wouldn’t want to provide themselves a great option for joint regeneration and aesthetic improvements, while at the same time losing some unwanted fat! Up until stem cell therapy, the only nonoperative options available for hip, knee, shoulder, back and neck pain have all been “band aid” style options. Such as NSAIDs, narcotics, steroid injections, bracing, TENS units and others that do not help create new tissue like cartilage. In fact, steroid injections work to destroy cartilage so they are actually counterproductive.

The adipose stem cell therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale begins with the patient receiving a tumescent mini-liposuction procedure. The harvesting is performed from either the abdominal region or the flank, with numbing making it a virtually painless procedure. The best procedures are performed on non-smokers and those who are not on steroids. In addition, if a person is a diabetic he or she should be well controlled. Blood thinners should be stopped (in conjunction with the prescribing physician).


Patients should stop drinking alcohol a week prior, and also stop any NSAIDS at that time as well. If a person has had a steroid injection, a month should go by prior to the adipose procedure.


When the adipose tissue is harvested, the provider will put it through considerable “washing” and resizing to ensure only the desirable regenerative elements are used for the procedure. Within 45 to 60 minutes, the harvesting and microfat graft preparation is complete.

Patients then receive the adipose stem cells into the affected painful areas such as the knee, hip, shoulder, back or neck pain to initiate regeneration and repair. In addition, the microfat graft represents an incredible way to shave years off one’s appearance. It serves as an amazing filler and facial fat graft. So at the same procedure a patient can have knee injections and a full aesthetics procedure too!


When the adipose stem cell graft is injected into joints and soft tissues, it initiates a healing response. Pain relief is often seen within a couple weeks, and the regeneration cycle continues for upwards of six months. The pain relief may last from a year to several years!


Patients love the results they see with adipose stem cell treatment for joint pain and the ability to avoid potentially risky surgery. In addition, the fat is amazing as a filler for the face to eliminate wrinkles and to provide volume to areas that have become sunken due to lost collagen.

Are there risks with the procedure? Yes but they are minimal. As with any time a needle is placed through the skin, there is a small chance of infection. There is no chance of rejection since it’s your own tissue. It is rare, but a patient could have a minor reaction to the numbing medicine used. Some patients see slight swelling and discharge, which typically resolves within a week.


For over a decade, R3 has been offering adipose and umbilical stem cell therapy globally at over 45 Centers. Our headquarters is right here in the Valley! Scottsdale and Phoenix metro patients enjoy treatment in our 7000 square feet facility with R3’s Faculty who also trains providers from around the world on the stem cell procedures.


Each patient’s treatment is customized. If you desire an autologous procedure with adipose, our provider is the BEST. We also have umbilical cord tissue as an allograft donor procedure if desired.

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