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What you need to know about Sheep Stem Cell Injections 

I recently found out about sheep stem cell injections, which are being offered by R3 Stem Cell’s competitors in Philippines, Mexico, India, China and Germany. So I reviewed the technology and found some disturbing information.

Stem cells from sheep being put into humans is termed “fresh cell therapy” or “live cell therapy”. A Swiss doctor, Paul Niehans, developed the technology in the 1930’s.

As the decades have gone on, the treatments have not only included fresh cells from sheep but also cows, and sharks. The part of the animals used may include organs, glands, and fetuses.

There are two main problems with live cell therapy from animals into humans. The first is unlike human stem cell therapy, I couldn’t find any evidence that the treatment works. With stem cells from humans being put into humans, there are thousands of Level 1 studies showing effectiveness for many medical conditions.

R3 has published quite a few studies as well on umbilical cord stem cell therapies being safe and effective for such conditions as autism, premature ovarian failure, cerebral palsy, chronic kidney disease and more.

If you type in various keywords into Google Scholar, there are no good studies out there. And the treatment has been around for close to a century! There have been several instances of severe adverse effects including death, though, that are published. The Germany Ministry of Health banned the practice of sheep stem cell therapy after 5 patients died. See this link:

live stem cell therapy

In one journal article which can be found here: a health department in Germany found an outbreak of Q fever in a flock of sheep. Unfortunately, those sheep were routinely being used to harvest for life cell therapy (LCT). Eight local citizens became sick from bacterial infections from the sheep, and quite a few patients started reporting symptoms of severe weight loss, diarrhea, fever.

A group of several New York citizens all became infected from the sheep life cell therapy injections along with a Canadian citizen. The CDC became involved and issued a public health warning.

The second problem with Live Cell Therapy is Quality Control. Or lack of it. When human umbilical cord stem cell products are manufactured, the FDA requires extensive donor and tissue testing. The animal cells are not under the same quality control, hence that’s how the infection occurred. In addition, with the sheep stem cells they administer them shortly after harvest, so there isn’t enough time to properly test the tissue for bacteria, fungus or other contaminants.

Without ANY published clinical evidence on the effectiveness of sheep stem cells for any conditions, there is no reason to undergo the treatment. I looked at numerous clinic websites offering the therapy that referenced supposed effectiveness, but none actually included links to studies.

R3 Stem Cell’s umbilical cord stem cell therapies are based on clinical evidence that actually exists! Studies are referenced in our videos, brochures, consumer guides and websites.

For individuals interested in a safe, effective, evidence based stem cell therapy with clinics that have a proven track record, call R3 Stem Cell today at +1(844) GET-STEM. Please avoid receiving cow, sheep or shark stem cell therapy where the quality control is suspect, risks are high and no evidence exists for outcomes!

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