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Stem Cell Treatment in San Jose

Stem Cell Treatment in San Jose

Stem cell therapy regenerates stem cells into the brain, blood, heart, or muscles which allows the body to heal naturally from an injury or disease. This takes away the need for a surgery due to the treatment of conditions that are caused by the damage of tissues or organs in the body. By concentrating on sites with degenerated tissues, stem cells are able to signal the body into a state of repair.


The R3 Stem Cell is a clinical center where patients suffering from diseases, musculoskeletal, neurological, and cosmetic conditions undergo regenerative procedures. These are nationwide centers that have cutting-edge technologies that are operated by a team of medical experts whose years of experience in the field help in providing the best medical care.


Our regenerative medical procedure used for stem cell treatment improves conditions such as erectile dysfunction, Lyme disease, plantar fasciitis, migraines and cluster headaches, autism, and arthritis. Here, the body is aided to repair itself naturally and as such, a patient’s health is restored and the probability of undergoing surgery is very low.


We use stem cells that are either obtained from the body of the patient for our procedures or we acquire amniotic and umbilical cord tissues from donors that have been scheduled for a c-section. Under suitable conditions that meet the regulations of the FDA, these stem cells are then processed to be transplanted at a later time into the patient’s body


What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medical procedure that makes use of stem cells to trigger the body’s ability to heal itself. This treatment helps in the repair of damaged tissues in the body caused by an injury or disease. At their repair, diseases and conditions that may have been difficult to treat can heal naturally and quickly.


What are The Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy?

Generally, stem cell therapy improves a patient’s state of health and is considered to be a better option to traditional treatments. Some of the advantages of this regenerative medicine include:


It is minimally invasive: Our stem cell therapy can be completed within a few minutes to some hours and when compared to traditional treatments, this is much faster. As an outpatient procedure that requires only local anesthesia and with no downtime, patients can come and go after treatment.


High concentration of Stem cells: Regenerative materials such as Amniotic and umbilical maintain their concentration of stem cells which is always a high number. On the other hand, adipose and bone marrow lose their quality of stem cells due to aging.


Fast healing: The use of stem cells for treatment accelerates the healing of the body. Thus, patients can resume doing tasks and activities which were once impossible and within a short period of time.


How Are These Regenerative Materials Acquired?

The amniotic and umbilical cord tissues used for our stem cell therapy are obtained from consenting mothers undergoing a c-section. They are healthy donors who are not over the age of 35 to ensure that there is a high number of stem cells in these materials. After acquiring them, the materials are stored in a sterile container and taken for processing in an FDA certified lab.


How is the Regenerative Procedure Carried Out?

At R3 Stem cell, our therapy is done by transplanting stem cells through IV or injecting them into regions of the body such as the shoulder, hip, or knee where tissues are in need of repair. This is an outpatient procedure where surgery or patient harvesting is not required. For this reason, it is completed on the same day thereby enabling patients to resume their duties.


Am I a Good Candidate For Stem Cell Therapy?

You can only be certain that you need a stem cell therapy after being checked by a doctor who will take a diagnosis in order to ascertain your state of health. They may then proceed to recommend the required procedure you need to enhance your condition. With this in mind, please contact one of our doctors here to make a free appointment or consultation.


San Jose in California is one of the regions in the US where there is an R3 Stem cell center for carrying out regenerative procedures on patients with medical conditions.


That being so, to get a Stem cell transplant in San Jose, please make a free appointment or consult with one of our doctors here. They will guide you through all processes needed for treatment which will eventually lead to your healing.


Keep in mind that this treatment takes only a single day and within a matter of minutes, it can be completed.


You can find more information about our Stem cell treatment here or by visiting our website For any inquiries you may have concerning the R3 Stem cell treatment, please contact us at (844) GET-STEM.

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