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Stem Cell Treatment in Mesa

Stem Cell Treatment in Mesa

A stem cell therapy as a regenerative medicine used for the repair of tissues, cells, and organs in the body is one of the safest means of treatment. It may be performed only once on a patient that is suffering from musculoskeletal, neurological, and other conditions, but its effect is permanent. This effect is the regeneration of tissues that were damaged by an injury, disease, or a condition. 


Our R3 Stem cell Clinical Center that performs regenerative procedures on patients nationwide and that includes a stem cell treatment in Mesa, Arizona. Aided by its modern facilities and a team of medical experts who acquire regenerative materials, test, store and process them, these clinics can offer quality medical care in a bid to tackle symptoms of diseases and conditions. 


Our regenerative materials of amniotic and umbilical cord tissues are steroid free and as such, do not pose adrenal gland or blood sugar issues. They are acquired from healthy, consenting mothers under the age of 35 who are undergoing a cesarean section. With their consent, these tissues are obtained and stored in sterile containers to be taken to an FDA certified laboratory for processing. 


Using these materials or stem cells obtained from the patient’s body, our regenerative treatment on over 10,000 patients for over six years now has recorded positive outcomes. This can be attributed to the fact that these regenerative materials have high-quality stem cells since their concentration was maintained while processing to ensure that they give the best outcomes. 


What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Damaged, dysfunctional, or degenerating tissues in the body can be repaired through the use of stem cells and this is a regenerative medical procedure known as Stem cell therapy. It helps the body to heal naturally because drugs are not taken and patients may not undergo surgery. Through its procedures of transplanting stem cells, the healing of the body is accelerated and health is restored speedily. 


How do These Materials Work? 

The regenerative materials used for our stem cell therapy have a high number of stem cells which stimulate the repair mechanism of the body. Here, the stem cells focus on regions of the body with degenerated tissues, thereby releasing growth factors and changing the functioning of the immune system which in turn, helps the body to begin its repair and create new cells. 


Am I a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem cell therapy is usually recommended by doctors for chronically ill patients as well as patients suffering from an injury. Thus, you may need to undergo a therapy if you have a medical condition. 

Alternatively, you can consult with one of our doctors here who is in a better position to ascertain your state of health and make recommendations where necessary. 


How are These Regenerative Procedures Carried Out? 

At R3 Stem cell, regenerative procedures are performed by injecting stem cells that have been processed into liquid form into the patient’s body or by IV infusion. These procedures are completed on the same day patients are scheduled for treatment and they are minimally invasive. This is because the recovery time is fast and there is no downtime. As a result, you can return to your day’s activities after treatment. 


What are the Risks of Amniotic and Umbilical Tissue? 

The risk level is low because these materials do not contain steroids and they are processed in an FDA certified lab. Risks such as an infection or allergic reaction that may be the case of standard procedures have not been encountered by R3’s affiliated providers and for this reason, our stem cell treatment with the use of these materials is safe. 


As with other regions in the US, patients can get a Stem cell treatment in Mesa. This is in an R3 Stem cell clinic that has high-end technologies to help facilitate health care. Coupled with a team of experts who evaluate each patient’s condition to determine the best regenerative procedure to be performed, patients can expect an excellent outcome after treatment. 


Our procedures are minimally invasive, allowing you to come and go, and then resume the tasks you have outlined for the day. On that note, please check here to make a free appointment with one of our doctors.  


You can also check here for more information about the R3 Stem cell treatment or call us at (844) GET-STEM. You can also learn more about R3 Stem Cell by visiting us at  


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