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Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes in Pakistan

Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes in Pakistan

R3 International’s clinic in Islamabad is now offering to stem cell treatment for diabetes in Pakistan. The therapy includes first rate biologics with millions of stem cells that come from umbilical cord tissue processed at an FDA regulated lab.

Stem cell treatment is administered by our expert doctors intravenously, which is safe and effective for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes actually falls into the autoimmune disease category, where the body is mistakenly acting against itself and destroying the pancreas production of insulin. One of the chief functions of the stem cell biologics is immune modulation, where it can cease the body’s abnormal functions.

While not a cure for diabetes, mesenchymal stem cell therapy has been very successful for patients, and usually for well over a year. If you look at the studies referenced in the video below, you can see that the outcomes are impressive with a very low risk profile for the treatment. The combination of stem cells, exosomes, growth factors and cytokines acts together in conjunction with one’s body to amp up repair.

Stem cells are not able to completely remake a pancreas. But what they do very well is to facilitate increased function of tissue by preventing cell death and promoting new islet cell creation. In addition, they are  able to help mitigate secondary complications from occurring.

It is important for those with poorly controlled diabetes to make a sincere effort ton modifly their lifestyle. This may include reducing or quitting smoking, change one’s diet or modifying medications as necessary. One question we get a lot is, “If you give the cells IV how do they know where to go? Well the MSC stem cells and exosomes essentially look for areas of inflammation. With the pancreas having a disease, the inflammation put off attracts the stem cells, exosomes and other regenerative cells.


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