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Stem Cell Therapy In India from your OWN blood.

Stem Cell Therapy In India from your OWN blood.

While platelet rich plasma therapy in India has been helpful as a short term option for relieving hip, knee, shoulder and back pain, there are very few active stem cells in it. Wouldn’t it be great if a stem cell clinic in India could figure out a way to increase and activate the amount of stem cells in your own blood to provide better outcomes for those with joint and back pain?

R3 Stem Cell in New Delhi has done exactly that with its revolutionary Power Plasma technology! R3 has a large research team that has worked for years to come up with this solution. And now, it is available at all 45 Centers that R3 Stem Cell has in six countries. Including Delhi India, with additional locations on the horizon for Bangalore and Mumbai.

First of all, let me explain what Platelet Rich Power Plasma therapy is. Power Plasma, which is exclusive to R3 Stem Cell, involves the following proprietary technology:

The procedure begins just like a regular PRP treatment. Either 30cc or 60cc of blood is taken from the patient’s arm. A bit of anticoagulant is placed into the blood to prevent it from clotting.

The blood is then placed into a centrifuge machine, which spins very fast to separate out the red blood cells. We don’t want the red blood cells, so they are discarded. The top portion of the blood contains concentrated platelets, growth factors and INACTIVE stem cells. 

Our blood does contain stem cells in significant quantity, but they circulate as inactive cells. They are called VSEL’s, which stands for very small embryonic like stem cells. They are present at a few hundred thousand per cc, but don’t perform a function until activated.

In order to activate them to create Power Plasma, R3 incorporates photoactivation. Several years of research has shown that various wavelengths of light can be applied to the blood over a specific period of time to activate the blood’s stem cells. Power Plasma is created by subjecting the PRP to 4 different wavelengths of light. Not only does this increase the amount of VSEL’s by 2.25x to over 1.5 million/ml, but also activates the stem cells (shown by surface markers)!

Key Point: Power Plasma activates 1.5 million stem cells per cc, which then averages 7.5 million active stem cells for a procedure where just 5cc of your blood is administered. Talk about a powerful option!

Another bonus with photo-biomodulation is what happens to the growth factors in your blood. Not only do the wavelengths increase the amount of growth factors available by over 20%, but they also delay the release of those growth factors.

Normal PRP releases its growth factors over a period of just a few days. However, Power Plasma increases that to four weeks! So not only are there a few million active stem cells from the photoactivation, there is also a delayed release of growth factors which promotes higher levels of tissue regeneration and healing.

Basically, Power Plasma turns your own blood into a stem cell regenerative therapy. Considering that joint replacement and back surgeries entail significant risks, cost and recovery time, then Power Plasma should definitely be considered.

Let’s think about the benefits to you:

You have significant healing capacity in your own blood. Power Plasma unleashes that potential, and R3’s expert providers then place it where you need it. It’s an all natural procedure that is safe and highly effective. Call us today in New Delhi to get set up with your free consultation  +917947515066

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