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Stem Cell Knee Replacement in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Mesa AZ

Stem Cell Knee Replacement in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Mesa AZ

Are you suffering from chronic knee pain and would like to avoid a knee replacement? Now there is an amazing option to do just that with Scottsdale stem cell therapy and other surrounding Arizona cities!

For the past decade, R3 Stem Cell has been providing stem cell injections globally with an unparalleled success rate. Over 85% of patients achieve incredible pain relief for over a year! R3 has its headquarters for stem cell therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ area. 

The headquarters for R3 Stem Cell encompass 7000 square feet of clinical treatment space along with a training area, as R3’s Faculty teaches stem cell procedures to providers from all over. Patients are treated with ultrasound guided procedures, so you will be able to see the needle going EXACTLY where it needs to go.

To get started and receive your free stem cell consultation, call our clinic now at 844-GET-STEM.

When a person is dealing with chronic knee pain, oftentimes a doctor will recommend a total knee replacement and say, “that’s all we have left to offer”. But that’s not true!

Stem cell therapy is an amazing option that doesn’t “burn any bridge.” Up to 30% of individuals who undergo a surgical knee replacement end up with chronic pain a year later. But there’s nothing that can be done about it at that point. Either there were other areas of the knee causing pain, or the surgery was performed incorrectly, or it may be an unknown reason.

I can’t tell you how many times our providers have been asked, “How do I undo the knee replacement?” You can’t! The metal and plastic aren’t going anywhere.

However, a stem cell therapy  in Mesa, Arizona for knees is non-surgical, has no downtime, and doesn’t burn any bridges.It works well for all stages of arthritis, from minor all the way to “bone on bone”. If the procedure works well for a couple years and then wears off, it can easily be repeated.

How does the stem cell therapy for knees work? Studies in both animals and humans have shown that new cartilage may be formed by the stem cell injection. The stem cells, growth factors and exosomes in the biologics create a twofold reaction in the knee joint:

The combination of more cartilage being formed along with less cartilage being lost is a fantastic way for patients to achieve long lasting pain relief. For a decade, R3 Stem Cell has been helping patients avoid the need for potentially risky surgery, and get back to desired recreational activities.

Here’s a recent testimonial:

R3 Stem Cell’s knee procedures are very effective in Scottsdale AZ. Umbilical cord allograft tissue is used, which comes from an FDA Registered lab and is tested stringently for all types of diseases. 

Due to the reputation established by R3 Stem Cell in Arizona, patients come from all over including Tucson, Sierra Vista, Flagstaff, Yuma, Williams, Kingman, Chandler, Gilbert, Surprise, Sun City, San Tan Valley, Prescott, Casa Grande, Lake Havasu City and surrounding areas.

R3 Stem Cell offers a Therapy Commitment, which is the ONLY true guarantee in the USA. If a patient isn’t happy with their outcome at the one year point, R3 will repeat the injection at no charge!

To get set up for a free stem cell consultation for Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa AZ, call R3 today at 844-GET-STEM.

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