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Rod’s Bone on Bone Shoulder Pain Gone After Stem Cell Therapy

Rod’s Bone on Bone Shoulder Pain Gone After Stem Cell Therapy

Rod is a 53 year old patient in Omaha NE who has been suffering for years from shoulder pain due to bone on bone shoulder arthritis. As an owner of a construction company and father to four active kids, Rod’s quality of life professionally and personally was severely diminished.

It had gotten to the point where Rod’s wife even had to help him put the belt on his pants every morning because of the pain!

As you’ll see in the video, Rod underwent nonoperative stem cell therapy at the R3 Stem Cell Center of Excellence in Nebraska. The results have been astounding!

No joint replacement. No year long recovery. And now… NO PAIN:) His story is very common. We see patients every day who have amazing outcomes even with severe bone on bone arthritis. Not just for the shoulder, but also for the hip, knee, ankle, elbow/wrist and the spine.


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