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Regenerative Medicine for Orthopedics in Arizona

Regenerative Medicine for Orthopedics in Arizona

Regenerative medicine uses the natural healing system of your body to treat medical conditions. The treatment is especially gaining popularity in Arizona. Medical professionals use stem cell injections in Arizona as regenerative medicine to repair and renew damaged or diseased tissue.  A bulk of clinical trials shows promising results of this treatment for various conditions. These can include autoimmune, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and orthopedic diseases. 

The stem cells present in your body act like a repair mechanism. However, with age, your body fails to create the necessary amount of regenerative cells. The primary goal of regenerative medicine is to amplify or stimulate the natural repair mechanism in the body. 

Stem cell therapy or regenerative medicine in orthopedics in Arizona increases the number of raw stem cells at the affected site. The article, in this regard, explains the benefits of using regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy in orthopedics.

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Use of Regenerative Medicine in Orthopedics

Regenerative medicine comes with a unique differentiating and self-regeneration ability of adult and embryonic stem cells. Experts derive these cells from fertilized eggs that are the result of IVF procedures. Doctors use the eggs with consent from the patients. Nevertheless, critics of stem cell therapy raise concerns on the ethics of obliterating a human life to treat another.

Adult stem cells are the alternative to embryonic stem cells as experts harvest them from different human bodies. The type of stem cells may include peripheral blood, adipose tissues, and bone marrow tissues.

The mesenchymal stem cells are the most common type of adult cells. They have the ability to become cells that make the musculoskeletal system, including ligaments, tendons, and particular cartilages. Stem cell experts insert the needle into the iliac crest of the patient’s pelvic bone to obtain stem cells.

Currently, regenerative medicine is an effective treatment for numerous degenerative conditions of the knees, shoulder, spine, and hips.  Medical experts also use regenerative medicine to treat soft tissues (ligaments, muscle, and tendons) and many bone-related injuries.

Why Regenerative Medicine is Effective for Joints

Regenerative medicine provides options to individuals and patients experiencing joint pain to reduce the symptom without any painful surgery. Joint pain is a common problem many people experience in their lives. It reduces their performance and mobility to perform daily activities.   

Using regenerative medicine to treat severe joint pain can improve different conditions that affect the body in a harmful way. Regenerative medicine therapies or stem cell procedures allow people to avoid knee replacement surgeries, saving considerable amounts of money. You can help reduce the pain in your hips, knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, and ankles with regenerative medicine.

Summing Up

Regenerative medicine from stem cell therapy Phoenix may help boost your body’s ability to naturally heal itself. Treatment taken with regenerative medicine creates living tissues in the body to repair damaged ones from degeneration or disease.

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