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PRP Therapy for Shoulder Injuries

PRP Therapy for Shoulder Injuries

Platelet Rich Plasma TherapyPlatelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP, is becoming a commonly used method of treatment for those with shoulder injuries and other types of similar injuries to the musculosketeletal system. This type of treatment is often used due to its ability to repair ligaments, tendons, and tissues within the body that have become damaged due to different health conditions or accidents.

PRP offers both pain relief and the ability for the area to heal much quicker than it would naturally. Due to the effectiveness of PRP, it is replacing the need for surgical treatment in many patients, which prevents long recovery periods that can last up to six months or longer. Also, PRP allows the person who gets the treatment to continue on with his or her regular lifestyle routine.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy is provided in the form of an injection, and the injection is created from a sample of your own blood. There are many different components within your blood, and by separating the blood with the use of a fasting, rotating device, the platelets can be removed from the blood and used for the injection. Each injection used for the PRP therapy process is created solely for the patient who is receiving it. Additionally, the injection is generally given in an outpatient facility, due to the ability for the PRP Therapy for back painprocess to be completed within a few short hours.

How the PRP Injection is Made

Depending on the area where it is being used, the PRP injection will be provided with the use of a syringe. When it is being used as a form of therapy for shoulder injuries, the injection is made into the area of the shoulder that is damaged, and also to areas around the damaged area. This helps to increase healing activity. Additionally, the area may be numbed with a local anesthetic and is generally painless.

Prior to the PRP injection, the doctor will give you information on how to prepare for the injection. After the injection is made, the patient will be monitored to ensure there are no adverse effects. However, the chance of an issue occurring due to the injection is low because the body is able to use the blood easily when given from the patient who is receiving it.

The Benefits of getting PRP Therapy

While certain surgeries can be used as a method to try and correct damage that occurs due to a shoulder injury, this method of treatment can sometimes cause the issue to get worse, which can lead to difficulty with using the arm. The shoulders play an important role in proper usage of the arm area, and by allowing the shoulder to heal with PRP therapy, as it would naturally, the chance of success if much higher. Healing is beneficial for those of any age, but it is especially ideal for those of a young age who need to take part in a lot of activity on a daily basis, which can be painful when there is damage present within the shoulder area.

How Often Treatment Occurs

PRP treatment is effective within the first 48 hours in most cases, and pain relief can last up to one year. However, the amount of time it takes for the area to heal from the injury will vary based on each unique case. Within the time that treatment is provided, the treatment is generally given every six months, and then, any process of regression within the shoulder area is monitored to ensure the treatment method is working correctly.

R3 Stem Cell works with medical practices nationwide, providing regenerative medicine therapy for patient benefit. The stem cell and PRP therapy has been working exceptionally well for degenerative arthritis in the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle along with tendonitis and ligament injuries.

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