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Power Plasma Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathy

Power Plasma Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathy

When a person has peripheral neuropathy, it severely affects the quality of life with chronic pain, numbness and electrical type shooting sensations. Diabetes is the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy, and it’s termed diabetic neuropathy. 

Diabetic neuropathy can be axonal or demyelinating and can affect large or small neurons. In diabetic patients, the demyelination leads to fiber loss, neurodegeneration, and pain. Nerve conduction studies can detect these changes; however, there has been no effective therapy for the treatment of DPN until now!

Traditional treatments for peripheral neuropathy include narcotic medications, Neurontin, dietary changes, special shoes and other treatments to help with the symptoms. But what about treating the actual cause??

If the cause of the neuropathy is known, then of course that should be addressed. For instance, if the person is diabetic with a HgB A1C that is extremely high, then the diabetic medications and diet should be fixed. However, for the neuropathy itself, Power Plasma stem cell therapy is an amazing option to help with pain relief and balance.

Power Plasma involves photoactivation of PRP to activate stem cells from a patient’s own blood. In addition, Power Plasma Platelet-rich plasma induces cell signaling molecules’ release, for example, nerve growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, and fibronectin. These molecules are very active in facilitating nerve regeneration with new blood flow as well.

In a randomized study looking at PRP for diabetic neuropathy, multiple peri-neural injections of PRP were performed vs traditional medical treatments in the control group. There were statistically significant decreases in pain and numbness in the PRP group as compared with the control group. (Hassanien et al. Perineural Platelet-Rich Plasma for Diabetic Neuropathic Pain, Could It Make a Difference?)

When PRP is injected around a nerve, the growth factors enhance nerve regeneration with an increase being seen in nerve axons, myelination, and electrophysiological parameters. Most likely, the benefits seen with PRP for diabetic neuropathy involves multiple factors. First, the local PRP could have enhanced angiogenesis, neurogenesis, and nerve regeneration capabilities.

Second, though, PRP could have decreased the local inflammation and swelling around the nerves permitting improved blood flow and new vessel formation to occur.

Essentially, every parameter you want to see improve did in the study. Pain decreased, numbness got better and the nerve conduction studies improved substantially.

Additional studies were evaluated recently by Houming et al, Application of platelet-rich plasma in neuropathic pain, 2022. The review included 107 journal articles, with the analysis showing, “Platelet-rich plasma has the potential to promote healing and anti-inflammation. It can repair damaged nerve tissues and effectively relieve pain. Platelet-rich plasma is an important treatment for neuropathic pain and has a bright future.”

R3 Stem Cell has significantly improved on PRP with Power Plasma stem cell therapy. Essentially, R3 starts first with taking some blood from the patient. The PRP kits used by R3 allow for a 500% increase in platelets, and then the photoactivation makes millions of stem cells available from an individual’s blood!

The proprietary technology turns regular PRP into a stem cell therapy. In addition, the photoactivation increases the amount of growth factors by 25% as compared to PRP and causes them to be secreted over a period of a month. Regular PRP only secretes growth factors for a few days.

The combination of millions of stem cells plus the heavily increased amount of platelets and growth factors is very powerful for peripheral neuropathy. Stem cells and growth factors help to regenerate damaged nerves, improve the surrounding blood flow and restore sensation to the damaged areas possibly.

For individuals looking for a treatment for diabetic neuropathy, or another type of peripheral neuropathy, then Power Plasma is your answer.

R3 Stem Cell offers Power Plasma stem cell treatment for neuropathy in five countries. This includes stem cell treatments for neuropathy in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Nashville and Mexico, Philippines, Pakistan and India!

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