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Platelet-Rich POWER Plasma in Scottsdale
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More Bang for Your Blood at R3 Stem Cell Scottsdale

At our Scottsdale center, we offer an amazing treatment called Platelet-Rich Power Plasma (PRPP) that leverages your own blood’s innate healing potential. This revolutionary therapy activates your blood’s stem cells and growth factors to address aesthetic and orthopedic concerns without the need for surgery. In just one hour, your blood can be transformed into a personalized regenerative therapy with exponentially more activated stem cells. 


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Understanding The Differences Between PRP And PRPP

We often use a patient’s own PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to help rejuvenate skin, regrow hair, or relieve joint pain. PRP on its own harnesses the natural healing properties in your blood. But we’ve taken it a quantum leap further with PRPP technology – adding proprietary photoactivation to exponentially increase the activity of regenerative cells like platelets, growth factors and stem cells.


This superior processing method activates your blood’s elements to functional levels unseen anywhere else. Normal PRP injections rely on the platelets and growth factors that are concentrated in your blood sample. But our PRPP also contains millions more energized stem cells stimulated by light to kickstart the healing process. Let’s look closer at what makes PRPP so revolutionary:

In summary, PRPP delivers exponentially more healing and renewal activity compared to PRP alone. Activated growth factors encourage collagen production, new blood vessels, cartilage, and hair growth while awakened stem cells drive overall tissue regeneration.

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PRPP Stimulated Through Photoactivation

So how does our patented photoactivation process work its magic? While the protocol itself is confidential, we can explain the science behind it. The technique involves applying light energy in specific wavelengths to the PRP sample for a defined period of time. Independent studies confirm that photoactivated PRP (PRPP) is superior for releasing growth factors and activating stem cells compared to PRP alone.


Let’s break down what the research shows:

PRPP Photoactivation Activates Your Own Stem Cells

Let’s take a closer look at how photoactivation unlocks your blood’s dormant yet powerful VSELs (Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells). These unique stem cells exist in your circulating bloodstream but normally remain inactive and unable to contribute to tissue repair. That all changes with our proprietary PRPP procedure.


Here’s what researchers understand about VSELs:

This is where PRPP delivers a major advantage. The photoactivation technique applied during processing awakens millions of your VSEL stem cells from dormancy. Like flicking a light switch, the stimulated VSELs gain ability to drive the healing process.


The millions of activated VSELs in PRPP signify its superiority over standard PRP

In summary, photoactivation unlocks regenerative power within your own blood – without needing to add anything. The activated VSELs and growth factors in PRPP help you renew skin, hair, joints, and more from the inside out.

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PRPP Treatment For A Variety Of Health Conditions

Patients come to R3 Stem Cell Scottsdale seeking PRPP therapy for a variety of health and aesthetic concerns. Let’s look at how it can help:

Hair Restoration

For both men and women in Scottsdale suffering from progressive hair loss or thinning, PRPP represents an exciting new non-surgical treatment option. Power-activated growth factors and stem cells work to:

In clinical studies, patients experienced decreased shedding, thicker existing hair, and new regrowth yielding fuller, denser hair overall. Improvements continue gradually over the course of treatments.

Facial Rejuvenation

Seeking a natural alternative to invasive surgical face lifts, more people are turning to PRPP for facial rejuvenation in Scottsdale. The activated growth factors and stem cells are precisely injected where needed to:

Patients love the gradual yet dramatic improvements in their appearance with no telltale signs of having “work done”. Minimal swelling and redness after injections resolves in just 1-2 days.

Joint Pain Relief

Harnessing your body’s own healing abilities, PRPP eases joint pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis, injuries, overuse, and other conditions. The treatment:

Following PRPP therapy, Scottsdale patients report significant improvement in flexibility, range of motion and pain levels – avoiding risky surgery.

Sports Injury Healing

The high concentration of activated growth factors and stem cells in PRPP deliver accelerated healing for tendon, muscle, ligament, and other soft tissue injuries:

Injection precisely into problem areas helps spark and expedite your body’s natural healing cascade for faster recovery. PRPP gets you back on the field, court or slopes safer and sooner.

 Sexual Wellness

For Scottsdale men seeking a natural solution to improve sexual health and performance, PRPP represents an exciting new regenerative therapy. Treatment can:

By addressing root physiological causes of erectile dysfunction, PRPP aims to restore normal function from within. Patients report significant improvements in sexual health, performance, sensation and satisfaction.

Respiratory Relief

For those in Scottsdale, AZ, suffering from lung conditions like COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, or post-COVID complications, PRPP inhalation treatments may provide relief. Nebulized PRPP is inhaled deeply into the lungs where the activated growth factors and stem cells work to:

Following treatment, patients report easier breathing, improved endurance, and reduced reliance on supplemental oxygen. PRPP offers new hope for those with declining lung function.


The profound tissue-renewing effects of PRPP may also benefit those with neurological conditions like MS, Parkinson’s, neuromuscular disorders, stroke damage, and nerve injuries. Activated growth factors and stem cells work to:

By stimulating neuron and glial cell renewal from within, PRPP may improve motor control, balance, coordination, memory, cognition, and quality of life.

Wound Healing

For chronic non-healing wounds, PRPP may accelerate the repair process when applied topically or injected around the periphery. The activated plasma:

Early research shows improved healing of diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds, and radiation burns with PRPP treatment.


Clearly, activated PRPP offers intriguing therapeutic potential for a wide array of conditions by harnessing your body’s own healing mechanisms.

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PRPP : Your Own Personalized Regenerative Therapy

The entire PRPP treatment at our Scottsdale clinic takes less than an hour and requires only a simple blood draw as the starting material. There is no lengthy culture expansion or use of enzymatic digestions. Here is how it works:

Step 1: We collect a small sample of your peripheral arm blood, around 60mL, into a specialized PRP tube containing a compound to prevent early clotting.


Step 2: Your blood sample is placed in our state-of-the-art centrifuge device to separate and concentrate the platelets, growth factors, cytokines, and stem cells from the red and white blood cells.


Step 3: The key step – proprietary photoactivation technology is applied to the concentrated plasma using specialized wavelengths of light administered for a defined duration. This stimulates the regenerative properties of the Platelet-Rich Plasma and awakens millions of your VSEL stem cells from dormancy into states of activation.

Step 4: The finished PRPP product is carefully drawn up into sterile syringes for precise injection or IV infusion. Local numbing medication is used to maximize comfort during injections.


Step 5: Your activated growth factors and awakened stem cells get to work immediately, triggering localized healing mechanisms where they are delivered. Natural improvements in form and function develop gradually over the next 1-2 months.

That’s it! In about an hour, we can transform your blood into a customized therapy to address your unique needs. There is minimal to no recovery period or complex aftercare. Most patients resume normal activities right away.


The major advantages of PRPP include:

Make your blood work for you like never before. Call R3 Stem Cell Scottsdale at (844) GET-STEM today to learn how PRPP regenerative therapy may help you achieve your health and aesthetic goals!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is PRPP in Scottsdale safe? What are the risks?

PRPP involves minimal risks since it utilizes your body’s own tissues. There is no chance of rejection. Potential side effects like infection or inflammation are rare when performed by an experienced specialist. Some temporary bruising, swelling, tenderness may occur at injection sites.

How long do results last? Is ongoing maintenance needed?

Improvements from PRPP are gradual over 2-3 months as your body regenerates. Results can last 1-2 years on average. Maintenance sessions every 6-12 months are recommended to maintain benefits long-term. Individual results vary based on health, age, and condition treated.

Does insurance cover PRPP treatments?

PRP is typically not covered by insurance, as it is considered an elective regenerative therapy. Some coverage is possible via HSA or FSA accounts. We offer flexible payment plans to help make treatment affordable.

What conditions is PRPP most effective for?

PRPP is most effective for rejuvenating facial skin, restoring hair growth, relieving osteoarthritis, repairing sports injuries, improving sexual function, and treating lung conditions. The activated growth factors and stem cells target repair.

How many treatments are required and how often?

The ideal frequency is 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart initially, then maintenance every 6-12 months. The number of sessions needed depends on severity of condition and your individual response. We tailor your personal plan.

Who is a good candidate for PRPP? Any contraindications?

PRPP may benefit healthy adults seeking aesthetic improvements or pain relief. Those with bleeding disorders, certain cancers, active infections, on blood thinners may not qualify. A consultation will determine if you are a candidate.

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