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Exosome Therapy and the Future

Exosome Therapy and the Future

The practice of regenerative medicine is gaining in popularity internationally and one of the most recent developments has been in the field of exosome therapy. Regenerative medicine specialists see promising hope in exosome therapy for helping treat ailments such as chronic pain, different degenerative diseases, neurological conditions, and even help combat aging. R3 Stem Cell therapy in Arizona is one of the few clinics offering exosome therapy and is hopeful in exploring the benefits for patients of the future.




There has been much talk around exosome therapy recently in the regenerative medicine world, but what exactly are exosomes? Exosomes aren’t actually cells but rather the signals that are transmitted from cell to cell. In simple terms, exosomes are messages that are essential intracellular information so that close and distant cells can communicate with each other.

Exosome therapy in Phoenix Arizona

The chemical messengers carry information, or cytokines, to the RNA messenger molecules so that the cell can receive the information being transmitted. Exosomes in a clinical setting are normally harvested during the creation of stem cells. The exosomes are isolated from the stem cells liquid media and the stem cells are either disposed of or used in conjunction with the exosome rich liquid. We now understand exosomes play a very necessary role in the overall health and reparation of damaged or unhealthy cells in the body.




This exciting new type of therapy in regenerative medicine is often used in adjunct to a stem cell transplant or injection. Stem cell therapy in Phoenix Arizona at R3 Stem Cell has its limitations in the information being transmitted to older damaged cells and that where we see the most benefits in using Exosome therapy. By combining the exosome injection with stem cell therapy, regenerative specialists believe the additional information being transmitted can provide another tier to healing and repairing damaged cells.

Similar to stem cell therapy, exosomes are injected directly into the site of orthopedic injury or can be administered intravenously in cases such as autoimmune disease. Exosome therapy has become much more common in regenerative treatments however studies are still slim to none and it is still considered experimental. There have been very few clinical trials of the benefits of exosome therapy but as more and more patients receive treatment, more definitive conclusions can be made about their regenerative growth potential. 




Exosome therapy in Phoenix Arizona can be used in many different medical situations from orthopedic injury to hair loss. Because exosomes contain high growth factor content it is very beneficial in hair loss treatment. The exosomes are injected into the damaged follicles which triggers cell stimulation, healing, and regeneration of the affected area. Exosome therapy Phoenix Arizona at R3 Stem Cell is also being considered for different autoimmune disorders such as Lyme’s Disease because exosomes have high potential in breaking severe inflammatory cycles and restoring metabolic healing within the body.

Additionally, because of the anti-inflammatory benefit that exosome therapy can provide, regenerative specialists see a hopeful future in helping treat different arthritic joint pain and other similar chronic pain conditions. These exosome therapies, in conjunction with stem cell injections, are showing much promise for alternative, less invasive regenerative treatments.

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