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Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Beverly Hills, California

R3 Stem Cell offers regenerative medicine procedures at numerous locations throughout California. We are often asked, “How much does stem cell therapy cost in Beverly Hills, California?” Well, the great news is that R3 Stem Cell has been providing procedures for over 10 years in...

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Exosome Therapy Center in Los Angeles, California

Exosome therapy in Los Angeles has become an extremely popular treatment over the past few years for patients desiring a superior option for hair regeneration, facial rejuvenation, sexual health improvements and anti aging as well. Exosomes are extremely small cellular byproducts that are seen in...

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Affordable Stem Cell Therapy in Karachi Pakistan

R3 Stem Cell has announced it is now open in Karachi Pakistan and is scheduling new patients. As the world’s busiest regenerative clinics, R3 Stem Cell’s providers have performed over 23,000 stem cell procedures in the past decade. The stem cell procedures are performed for...

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R3 Stem Cell Now Offering Free Guide on Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Failure

One of the main reasons R3 Stem Cell consults on patients is for chronic kidney disease which can lead to kidney failure. This may be secondary to diabetes, high blood pressure, a genetic condition or other factors. Understandable, patients have a LOT of questions about the prospects of undergoing stem cell therapy for chronic kidney disease...

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Stem Cell Therapy In India from your OWN blood.

While platelet rich plasma therapy in India has been helpful as a short term option for relieving hip, knee, shoulder and back pain, there are very few active stem cells in it. Wouldn’t it be great if a stem cell clinic in India could figure out a way to increase and activate the amount of stem cells in your own blood to provide better outcomes for ...

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Power Plasma Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathy

When a person has peripheral neuropathy, it severely affects the quality of life with chronic pain, numbness and electrical type shooting sensations. Diabetes is the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy, and it’s termed diabetic neuropathy.  Diabetic neuropathy can be axonal or demyelinating and can...

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What you need to know about Sheep Stem Cell Injections 

I recently found out about sheep stem cell injections, which are being offered by R3 Stem Cell’s competitors in Philippines, Mexico, India, China and Germany. So I reviewed the technology and found some disturbing information. Stem cells from sheep being put into humans is termed...

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The USA stem cell leader offers procedures in

7 Countries including:


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The USA stem cell leader offers procedures in

7 Countries including: