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Who Can Benefit from Regenerative Medicine?

Who Can Benefit from Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is not new, in recent years, it has advanced incredibly and there are techniques which enable your own body to become a resource for the healing process. This means that there is relief from pain and it can help overcome disabilities. In fact, it may help a great many people to recover from various serious health conditions.

Benefit from Regenerative Medicine

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Nerve damage
  • Degenerative discs
  • Facet joint disease


Although regenerative medicine is still thought of as a relatively new field, it has already been proven to offer pain relief by accelerating the body’s healing process. It has a clear advantage over more common treatments in that it is using your own body cells to act as the nucleus for the treatment. By doing so, it lessens the chances of rejection as this is a common problem when introducing objects or cells that are alien to the body.


Regenerative medicine is almost certainly going to be on the front line for anti-aging treatments and the future is very exciting for this breakthrough in medical science. For now, it has proven to be extremely valuable in repairing and rebuilding damaged cartilage or bone.


How long before I become active again?


For anyone who is hoping to have this treatment, recovery will depend on the type and extensiveness of the damage but in general a 4 to 6-week recovery is to be expected.  The fact that this is a minimally invasive treatment and that it uses your own cells to help rebuild tissue – it aids a super- fast recovery and with outstanding results.


Is it painful?


Some soreness is likely after the operation but during the process, the area will be numbed. Once mobility returns and stiffness disappears then, all thoughts of discomfort during or immediately after the operation will quickly become forgotten. Expert medical professionals will have a pain management plan in place, but the recovery process is fairly quick anyway.

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