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Top Causes Of Back Pain

Top Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain is an ailment that affects many people throughout the United States. This is particularly true as people begin to age. Back pain can range from mild and intermittent to severe and chronic. Many people miss out on work and social functions due to the back pain they experience. There are a variety of different treatments in the medical world for those suffering from back pain. These treatments range from physical therapy and medication to surgery. In recent years, stem cell therapy has shown its effectiveness in helping those suffering from back pain. Below are some of the common causes a person may experience back pain throughout their lifetime.

Bulging or Ruptured Disc

           Bulging or ruptured discs are a very common cause of back pain. Discs help to cushion the area between vertebrae from painful shocks. As people age, these discs become more brittle and more prone to rupture. Interestingly, some people have a bulging or ruptured disc and feel no pain at all. While others suffer from the condition and experience extreme pain. Many current treatments aim at minimizing pain felt due to a bulging or ruptured disc. However, stem cell therapy aims to address the underlying problem without the need for surgery.

Muscle or Ligament Strain

           Another common cause of back pain is muscle or ligament strain. The back contains large muscles that we use every day, often without even realizing it. These muscles and ligaments are uniquely prone to strain when lifting heavy objects or twisting in various manners. In addition, those people who are in poor physical condition are more prone to muscle spasms in the back after conducting heavy lifting. Oftentimes, the best treatment for muscle or ligament strain is rest. However, stem cell therapy can help speed up the healing process.


           Osteoarthritis of the lower back can be a particularly painful condition. It occurs due to normal wear and tears on the body. As people age, the cartilage between joints begins to wear down. This cartilage is used to cushion the joints. As the cartilage wears down, people may begin to feel pain in the joints in their spine. Currently, steroid injections are commonly used to help ease the pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis of the back. However, stem cell therapy is being heavily studied as another treatment method. There is hope that stem cell therapy can help repair damaged cartilage cells in the spine to reduce the amount of pain patients may feel.


           Skeletal irregularities are a common cause of back pain. This is especially true in conditions such as scoliosis where the spine curves and rotates in an unusual manner. Patients who suffer from these skeletal irregularities typically will not begin to feel pain until middle age. Fortunately, physical therapy and medication can often keep these causes of back pain at bay.


           Osteoporosis is a major cause of back pain in aging people. As people age, their spines become brittle and porous. This allows for small cracks to develop caused by compression fractures. As these compression fractures accumulate, they can begin to cause pain. There is hope that stem cell therapy can help the body to heal these cracks and reduce the amount of pain felt by the patient.  


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