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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the R3 Stem Cell Two Day Provider Training Workshop

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the R3 Stem Cell Two Day Provider Training Workshop

R3’s Stem Cell Therapy Provider Training – Do NOT Miss It!

R3 Stem Cell’s nationwide Centers have performed over 50,000 regenerative procedures over the past five years. The expertise acquired over that time is now being shared at the R3 Stem Cell Two Day Provider Workshop Training in Las Vegas December 7-8th, 2018. The training will be first rate and comprehensive.

Why should providers attend this training? Here’s the Top 10 reasons:


#1 – REAL WORLD:The training is designed for real world use in practice. According to R3 CEO Dr. Greene, “All of the lectures and procedure training provide skills that are meant for use with regenerative patient care. We will not be focusing on basic science too much or irrelevant topics.”

#2 – REAL PATIENTS:Procedure training will be performed on real patients, not cadavers. Patients will be present for injection, IV, intranasal and nebulizer procedures. You will be able to hear their story, the physician’s thought process and then see the treatment. In addition, providers will be allowed to perform procedures on each other if desired.

#3 – PROTOCOLS:R3 Stem Cell has assembled “Best Practice Protocols” for regenerative procedures which will be taught at the workshop. After thousands of procedures, these techniques have been shown to be safe and effective. Each attendee will receive a binder with the protocols. Learn from the best!*

#4 – SUPPLEMENTS:In addition to procedure training, attendees will learn about which supplements to use. Patients often ask about them. Supplement expert Dr. Tal Cohen from Portland will lecture on his experience and recommendations.

Ultrasound-guided platelet-rich plasma injection of the knee

#5 – IMAGING TRAINING:Imaging training is included for both ultrasound and fluoroscopy. All providers performing regenerative therapies should utilize image guidance. Training will be offered by experts in the field, and attendees will be able to see and try ultrasound units that are available for purchase too.

#6 – BIOLOGICS KNOWLEDGE: As a world renowned expert in stem cell biologics, Dr. Greene will lecture on what providers need to know regarding them. According to Dr. Greene, “Most seminars include information that is useless in real world situations with patients. Everything I will discuss is geared towards things patients want to know. Providers who have the answers are more likely to gain their confidence, and book the treatments!”

#7 – MARKETING:Over the past 5 years, R3 Stem Cell has generated over 150,000 patient leads that have resulted in tens of thousands of regenerative cases. Dr. Greene has written two books on Healthcare Internet Marketing, with current techniques using Artificial Intelligence to maximize the return on advertising spend. You will NOT want to miss this lecture!

#8 – SALES TRAINING:For years, Kathleen Francesca has been working with practices to maximize patient conversions. After all, what good is marketing if you can’t convert the patients when they come in! The Sales Training will include instructions on scripting, role playing and overcoming objections.

#9 – NETWORKING:With no more than 30 providers being enrolled, get to know your fellow workshop participants. Both days will include breakfast and lunch, with a Happy Hour Open Bar being included on Friday!

#10 – LOCATION:R3 Stem Cell’s Concierge Center is in Las Vegas where patients come from all over the world for treatment. What better place for a great workshop where you can combine business with pleasure? See a show, hit a club, visit the casinos. Las Vegas offers fun for everyone!

As you can see, the provider training is comprehensive, hands on and intimate. We have real patients receiving real procedures where you will hear their stories. In addition, learn techniques applicable through the patient journey for marketing, sales conversions and best practice protocols!


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