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The Best Stem Cell Therapy for Canada

The Best Stem Cell Therapy for Canada

Stem Cell Therapy Canada: What is Your Best Option?

R3 Stem Cell receives many inquiries daily from individuals in Canada regarding regenerative therapy options. There are two reasons for that. The first is that R3 is the global leader in regenerative therapies, and we receive inquiries around the world daily!

The second reason, though, is that Canada does not allow stem cell therapy. This includes autologous therapies too with bone marrow or adipose! While the purpose of this article is not to debate that decision made by Health Canada years ago, this has presented a significant problem for Canadians desiring top stem cell therapy for their chronic medical condition(s).

R3 has been assisting Canadians with top notch exosome and stem cell therapy at both of its locations in Mexico for close to five years. The locations include Tijuana and Cancun, which are readily accessible via air travel from major Canadian cities (Tijuana via San Diego).

Why is it important for Canadians in such major cities as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton to know their available options? Without having available regenerative therapies within Canada, it’s necessary to travel for these revolutionary treatments.

stem cell mexico

Simply going into the United States for stem cell therapy is possible, but not always the best option. Why? The quality of the biologics is very good, since the FDA regulates labs closely for quality assurance. However, culturing stem cells in the USA is not permitted. This makes the cost of the stem cell therapy higher than in other countries, since a lot of stem cells are necessary for best outcomes.

When obtaining a stem cell procedure for a chronic medical condition, most people don’t realize that the amount of stem cells being received is exceptionally important. If you look at clinical trials for numerous conditions being conducted globally, most treatments involves between 1 and 4 million stem cells per kilogram. This means the average 70kg individual will need to receive between 70 million and over 250 million stem cells for optimal result!

These numbers of cells are cost effective to receive at R3 Stem Cell International in Mexico. How? Our lab in Mexico cultures umbilical cord stem cells to achieve the high numbers needed by patients in a cost effective manner. At the same time, our lab abides by USA FDA quality assurance standards for biologic screening to ensure safety.

 When our lab cultures stem cells, the end result is restricted to Passage 3 or less. This means the cultured stem cells maintain their full potency, viability and effectiveness. With an overall success rate exceeding 85% for patient satisfaction, R3 has become the “go to” treatment center for those in the USA and Canada who need the most quality and cost effective option available.

A lot of people think once they receive a stem cell procedure, that it’s a “one and done”. But it’s not! The benefits of stem cell procedures may last a year, or maybe 5 years. But it’s not a permanent “cure”. So most individuals will need a repeat procedure every year or so, which can make treatment expensive due to the repeat visits needed.


R3 understands this, which is why our clinics offer the most cost effective treatments in the world! You don’t need to spend $25,000 in Panama for 200 million stem cells. R3 offers the same amount for less than half! Require 100 million cells? We offer that for only $7250!

R3 provides exosomes at no additional charge. These are stem cell byproducts that work well in conjunction with the mesenchymal stem cells. While most clinics charge a considerable amount for them, we have used our buying power to bring them to patients for free!

R3’s patient representatives will assist with the travel logistics. Patients are picked up at the San Diego or Cancun airport, with ground travel provided for patients at no additional charge. Patients are escorted to the clinics, which are contemporary and well equipped. After years of successfully treating patients in Mexico, close to 40% of those coming to the clinics are either patient referrals or repeat patients.

What conditions are treated successfully?

There are actually quite a few conditions that respond exceptionally well to stem cell and exosome therapies. A broad list is included on our stem cell therapy Mexico website, and span orthopedic, autoimmune, neurologic, GI, diabetes, kidney, heart, lung disease and many others.


With over 10 years of existence and 20,000 stem cell procedures globally, R3 has put in place over 20 best practice protocols. These achieve fantastic results over 85% of the time!

For those individuals in Canada seeking stem cell therapy, R3 offers the most quality biologics with pricing that cannot be matched. Initial consultations are complimentary, and patients receive access to their own portal with considerable educational content.

To find out if you or a loved one is a candidate for the best stem cell treatment Canada needs, call today to get started at (888) 988-0515.


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