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Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Canada with R3 Stem Cell International Starting At Only $2950

Stem Cell Therapy

Top Stem cell therapy for Canada now exists, and R3 International offers customized regenerative treatment options depending on the individual’s condition(s), severity of those ailments and what we have seen work well as a best practice. The most potent and pure options being provided include donor material obtained after a scheduled c-section, where the amniotic fluid, umbilical cord and placenta are processed at a Certified lab. No harm occurs to baby or mother, and the tissue is screened for contaminants or communicable diseases.


The mesenchymal stem cells in the biologics maintain the potential of turning into multiple cell lines such as cartilage, muscle, tendon, organ tissue, bone and more. All of the stem cell and exosome treatments provided by R3 International utilize over thirty million live stem cells per treatment, up to two hundred million. 


“Dr Ramon and Abril took excellent care of us on every detail. Excellent people and excellent delivery of the whole experience. We felt great personal care in every aspect of our visit.” John S, California


Currently, there are multiple stem cell and exosome therapy options available at R3 International to assist with  Arthritis, Diabetes, Neurologic, Cardiac, Stroke, Autism, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, COPD, Kidney Failure and more. In addition, R3 offers stem cell therapies for Canada to treat hair loss, neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease, erectile dysfunction and a significant amount of stem cell cosmetic procedures.


The various stem cell and exosome procedures provided by R3 Stem Cell International for individuals in Canada:

With over 15,000 stem cell and exosome procedures performed in the last eight years in the United States, R3 Stem Cell has been the leader in helping individuals change their lives with a significantly improved quality of life!


Now R3 Stem Cell International is able to offer these safe, effective regenerative procedures for those in Canada, serving Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax, Quebec, London, Hamilton, Oshawa, Windsor and surrounding areas!


For ONLY $2950 all inclusive, patients receive thirty million live, powerful stem cells. This can be performed either intravenous or a patient may opt for two joint injections. This is much less than half what procedures in the States cost with significantly less live stem cells!


At its treatment clinics in Mexico, R3 does not need to use preservative, or cryopreserve the biologic. This means the cells have a 96% viability. The testing at the tissue lab is actually more strict than what the FDA requires in the United States. In addition, depending on your condition being treated the lab can actually PRE-DIFFERENTIATE the cells (e.g. renal, neuro, etc) to make them more effective.


Request Appointment for a FREE Consultation Today – ALL patients need a phone consultation before setting up treatment to see if they are a candidate. You will NOT find a more cost effective option anywhere that is also very safe and performed by top notch, experienced providers!


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Stem Cell Doctors Offering Stem Cell Therapy by Injection and IV for only $2950!