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The Best MSK Orthopedic Ultrasound Injection Training

The Best MSK Orthopedic Ultrasound Injection Training

As ultrasound guided injections for joint and back pain become more popular, it is vital for providers to have access to first rate training. Getting adept at ultrasound requires hands on experience to cement the skillset, or any training will be suboptimal.

R3 Medical Training started offering orthopedic MSK ultrasound injection training for doctors, PA’s, NP’s, ND’s and others over 5 years ago. The 3 main questions we receive about the courses are:

Are the MSK Ortho Ultrasound Injection courses CME Accredited?

Yes, the MSK Orthopedic Ultrasound Injection Training courses are all CME accredited for 8 hours each. There are actually three courses available. The first is known as Level 1, or the Basic course. This involves an overview of the technology, and then large joint learning of knee, hip and shoulder.

The second course is offered as the Advanced course, which is Level 2. The Level 2 courses are offered the day after the Basic course, so most patients attend both. The Advanced course goes through ultrasound guided injections for elbow, wrist, fingers, and foot and ankle.

The third course is new, and is a Spine Ultrasound Injection Course. This course teaches anatomy and injections for the SI joint along with the lumbar facet joints. A lot of providers are unaware that ultrasound works great for these types of low back injections!

Will I get to perform ultrasound on real patients?

Unlike competitor courses, R3 Medical Training’s orthopedic ultrasound injection courses are very hands on! This involves having experience on each other as well as real patients!

A lot of courses use cadavers or simulated models, which is obviously suboptimal. They aren’t able to give you feedback on pain with the injection.

Our expert faculty guides attendees through procedures, which cements the skillset for immediate usage in one’s clinic setting.

Using ultrasound for needle guidance is not easy. Repetition is key, which is what R3 Medical Training offers. For years, R3’s ultrasound guided injection courses have routinely received 5 star reviews for this exact reason.

Along with the ability to work on real patients, each attendee is able to have a free procedure as well. This is another great way to gain experience, and make a new friend in the process.

How much are the courses?

For the year 2024, R3 Medical Training decided to keep its pricing the same as 2023. In fact, the pricing hasn’t changed in several years, while most other companies have raised their pricing. The pricing is $995 per day for the Level 1 and Level 2 MSK Ortho Ultrasound Injection Training courses, while the Spine Ultrasound Course is $2995 for the 2 days.

Where are the courses located and when are they offered?

R3 Medical Training has three locations in the USA where the courses are offered. By having set locations, attendees are able to enjoy easy parking, no limits on course timing, continuous refreshments and contemporary setting.

R3 Medical Training locations include Scottsdale Arizona, Beverly Hills California and Brentwood Tennessee. The metro locations are well equipped and large, with the Arizona location at 7000 square feet. R3 keeps the ratio of attendee to faculty as low as possible. If more than 6 attendees are scheduled for a course, R3 brings in additional ultrasound trainers and more patients. Courses are offered monthly at most locations.

CME accreditation is in place for 8 hours per day for the Level 1 and Level 2 courses, while the 2 day Spine Ultrasound course offers 15.25 CME hours. The courses are attended by a plethora of different provider types. This includes PA’s, MD/DO, NP’s, ND’s as well. 

Ultrasound imaging is much more convenient than fluoroscopy. It’s portable, small and able to evaluate soft tissues along with bone. Patients love receiving a real time diagnostic ultrasound and understanding exactly what is wrong with them and being able to see it! Fluoroscopy is large, expensive and not able to showcase the soft tissues.

Providers desiring to incorporate MSK orthopedic ultrasound into their practice should attend the R3 Medical Training courses. There is no better option to learn and retain the skillset!For more information, call us today at (888) 998-6343

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