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The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an All-in-One Regenerative practice program including marketing, products and IRB Approved protocols and Research studies.

How Stem Cells Function
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Stem cells are simple cells with a specialized function. They are found in almost all tissues in the human body. Stem cells can easily make copies of themselves and are known as self-renewing for this reason. Most importantly, stem cells have the ability to become or “differentiate” into many different types of cells. Once they have chosen a cell type, they will start to express the genes specific to that cell type, change shape, and make certain cellular components that make them specialized.

Stem Cells Used For Tissue Engineering

Regenerative therapy, often associated with tissue engineering, uses stem cells to help replace damaged cells. Let’s say, for example, the DNA in the nucleus of a cell becomes mutated. This cell will often continue to divide, but it can then pass on the mutation to future cells. This is how damage can spread throughout a tissue. This is where stem cells come in. Stem cells can be introduced into the body to go in and replace the mutated cells with healthy, functioning cells.

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Sources Of Stem Cells

All of us contain stem cells throughout our entire lives. Stem cells are also found in developing organisms, as well. All of the stem cells used by our providers are gained ethically and processed safely so that they can be used in our therapies. Some of the types of stem cells our providers may offer are:

  • Adipose tissue
  • Bone marrow
  • Umbilical cord blood
  • Amniotic fluid

More Than Just Stem Cells

Although stem cells are used commonly by our providers near Tacoma, we offer several other regenerative therapies too. Sometimes we will opt to use these in conjunction with stem cell therapy or simply on their own. It is all dependent on your individual needs and health goals. Some of the other forms of therapy we use are:

  • Cytokinins and materials that promote rapid cell growth and division
  • Growth factors and other hormonally-based compounds
  • MicroRNAs and other genetic material
  • Exosomes, secretomes and other mechanisms by which materials and communication can be promoted between cells

Tacoma woman with ankle painPRP Injections in Tacoma

One of our most popular treatments is Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections. These injections are made from collections of your own blood, which are processed to make them more usable by damaged tissue. Once introduced into your body, they support your recovery and help to flush out malformed cells. The success rate of PRP injections have been very good, and R3 Stem Cell has provided over 11,000 patients with them since our inception. To schedule a free consultation with a Tacoma provider, call 844-GET-STEM.

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Therapy For Self-Rejuvenation

Unlike many medical treatments, regenerative therapy doesn’t mask your symptoms. Our methods are designed to help your body restore its natural functions so that you can eradicate health concerns for good. Each of us is born with systems in the body, namely our immune system, that has evolved over millions of years to protect us from the environment. Our main goal in therapy is to make this system as strong as possible.

Therapy For Injury And Pain

Many of our clients come to see R3 Stem Cell providers because they have experienced a traumatic injury and haven’t been able to recover fully. Often chronic pain becomes associated with this issue and can detract from a person’s daily life. The types of injuries and pain out there are countless. Regenerative therapy is individualized to each patient because no two people’s experiences are the same. Why should their therapy and recovery be the same? We encourage you to visit the Success Stories portion of our website and see the diverse array of issues we’ve helped our patients with in the past.

How R3 Stem Cell Supports You
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In the past six years, we have helped thousands of patients across the country. We want to help our Tacoma-area patients, as well. Some of the customer service you can expect to include:

  • A free one-on-one consultation with a healthcare professional
  • Webinars and seminars to help educate and support you throughout your entire therapeutic process
  • Post-procedure recovery products to ensure a safe and speedy reintroduction to your life
  • High-quality products from labs with impedible safety standards
  • Call 844-GET-STEM to find out if you are a candidate for regenerative therapy.
  • Local Research On Stem Cells
  • The University of Washington is home to the Institute For Stem Cell And Regenerative Medicine, which is helping to bring new treatments to the healthcare industry. Their website is a wonderful resource as it includes a Stem Cell 101 page as well as information for training and patients. You can find recent news from their labs and faculty up on the News section of their website as well as events, some of which are open to the public. Recent research they’ve conducted includes:
  • Endothelium engineers using platelet-rich plasma (a procedure similar to the one that R3 Stem Cell offers)
  • Engineering tissue for the restoration of the human heart
  • Using the model organism zebrafish to research skeletal genomics
  • The use of proline in mediating communication between pigment cells and the retina
  • Enjoying Tacoma’s Natural Beauty
  • Washington state is home to some of the most breathtaking geography in the country. One of the best ways to maintain your fitness and, therefore your overall health is to be active outside at least a few days a week. There have been many research papers published on the physical and mental benefits of exercising in nature. Whether you prefer to hike, mountain bike, or jog through a local park, Tacoma and the surrounding area has an opportunity for you. Some notable options we love:
  • Backpack up the dormant volcano that is Mount Rainier
  • Grandview Chambers Bay Bike and Hike Trail
  • Take in flora from across the globe at W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory
  • Take a long walk down Owen Beach and comb for beautiful shells
  • During the warmer months go for a swim at Kandle Park’s pool
  • Tacoma’s Healthy Food Scene
  • Luckily this city has a number of healthy options for people looking to maintain their diet even when eating out. Tacoma is home to a number of great farmer’s markets and because of its location to the coast and other bodies of water, access to both freshwater fish and seafood. Your diet is crucial because this fuels your body and becomes your very tissues – highly processed foods or low-nutrition foods can lead to serious health problems. Next time you go out for a bite, consider some of our favorites:
  • Viva Tacoma: Includes vegan and gluten-free options
  • The Table: An upscale restaurant which specializes in locally sourced ingredients and New American cuisine
  • Happy Belly restaurant + juice bar: Their soups, salads, and sandwiches are comforting, and you can add in a delicious smoothie or fresh squeezed juice
  • Indo Asian Street Eatery: Eastern flavors in produce-filled dishes with vegetarian options in addition to options with meat
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