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The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an All-in-One Regenerative practice program including marketing, products and IRB Approved protocols and Research studies.

Stem Cell Research Near Stockton
View of the waterfront cityscape in Stockton, CA
With Stockton being equidistant from both San Francisco and Sacramento, it is privy to a lot of local research being done on stem cells and regenerative medicine. UC Davis has an entire stem cell program that is training a new generation of researchers and medical professionals. The amount of high quality research coming out of their labs is truly impressive – check out their news website to learn more. In Oakland, you will find the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a publicly funded agency that hosts public events to educate about research done around California and beyond. Check out their list of public meetings and events here.

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Dining Out In Stockton

Dining out can often be hazardous to our diets, but as Stockton has developed, new and healthy options are becoming more available. With proximity close to Napa Valley and other farming regions, Stockton has wonderful produce available for most of the year. Consider visiting one of the following eateries for a nutritious and flavorful meal:

  • Poke Salad: Poke incorporates fresh seafood, sometimes raw, with veggies and rice. This light meal blends fun flavors with Asian and Pacific roots.
  • Swagat Indian Cuisine: One of the best things about Indian food is that many of the dishes are traditionally vegetarian. If you are looking to incorporate more vegetables and lean protein into your diet, check this place out.
  • Mac Pho: A fun spin on comfort food, try Vietnamese Pho soup. These brothy soups are flavorful and can be tailored to meet many dietary needs. If you are looking to minimize gluten intake, this soup is great because they use rice noodles.
  • Valley Meal Prep: Although this is not a restaurant, it is a wonderful resource to keep on top of your diet. If you are tight on time, consider turning to this business to help with weekly meal planning so as to avoid ending up in a fast-food line.

Gyms in Stockton

The average adult needs at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. Depending on your age, health record, and schedule, that can be difficult. Luckily Stockton is home to many options for all types of people and lifestyles. Visit a few different places and compare the amenities each comes with. If you find it hard to get to the gym, consider joining with a friend or a family member who will keep you motivated. Below are some great places to start looking at:

  • Planet Fitness: A nation-wide chain with low membership fees. Standard gym equipment and personal training available as an add-on.
  • Crunch Fitness: The number and variety of classes at this studio will make sure you are never bored.
  • ASAP Fitness: A CrossFit style gym with both cardio and strength-focused options.
  • The Camp Transformation Center: This place is known for its engaging trainers and positive vibes. Group classes incorporate HIIT, strength training, and stretching.

Opting For Nonsurgical Solutions Near Stockton

R3 Stem Cell understands that some issues traditionally require invasive procedures such as surgery. Even with surgery, results cannot be guaranteed and, in severe cases, can worsen issues. Our therapies are:

  • Less invasive and most can be done in our outpatient facility
  • Have an expedient recovery time – some people experience improvements within hours of their first treatment

If you would like to learn more about your regenerative therapy options, call 844-GET-STEM to find a provider in the Stockton area.

Helping Athletes

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or play recreationally for fun, athletic injuries can change your lifestyle for long periods. Our therapies have aided people with the following issues:

  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Overuse
  • Joint issues
  • Mobility problems

With the proper therapy plan, R3 Stem Cell near Stockton can get you back to the level of activity you desire. Your age should never impede you from enjoying the sports you enjoy, and we can help you get your abilities back.

Stcokton man sees his doctor for back painRegenerative Therapy at R3 Stem Cell Near Stockton

We are very proud to offer some of the most advanced regenerative therapy procedures and techniques available today. Regenerative therapy uses your own immune system and helps its function efficiently so the tissue can be restored to its healthiest. The damaged tissue is often where health concerns stem from, so regenerating it is the best way to solve a lot of issues. The ways we promote new ell growth include:

  • Stem cell injections
  • Growth factors
  • Cytokinins
  • microRNAs
  • PRP injections
  • And more
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PRP Injections As Therapy

Our Stockton-area providers are often asked about PRP therapy, as it has gained a lot of traction recently. It is to date one of our most popular offerings. PRP uses centrifuge components of your own blood to help promote cell division. The injection contains vital nutrients and cellular components that are delivered to tissues in need. Because you are being treated with your own blood, your body readily accepts the injection, and your immune system does not try to fight anything off. Consider visiting the Success Stories section of our website to learn more about the first-hand accounts of past patients who have received this therapy.


Your body’s cells are dividing and growing constantly. As we grow older, this process slows, making it take longer to heal from health issues. Cytokinins are a compound that was first discovered in plants, and it is used to promote rapid cell division. Cytokinins can be introduced to specific areas of the body so that cell growth is targeted as opposed to generalized. Your body can focus its own healing abilities to the site of concern more easily this way. Visit us for a free consultation with one of our Stockton area providers to see if cytokines might be the right option for your health concerns.

Stem Cell Protocol
A Stockton woman stops to tie her shoe
There are many misconceptions about when and how stem cells can be used in this country. Stem cells have been studied in the scientific and medical fields for almost a century with great success. R3 Stem Cell’s therapies are 100% legal because stem cells are either collected from your tissues or from the tissues of donors who have consented. We do not use any fetal stem cells, and in fact, many of our cells come from scheduled C-sections – no harm is done to the fetuses.

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Exosome Therapy

Unlike stem cells, exosome procedures do not use cells. Instead we use what are called exosomes, which are tiny extracellular vesicles. These small pockets from stem cells and contain genetic materials such as DNA and microRNA. This information is taken into other cells, such as the cells associated with your issue, and are used to reprogram that tissues. This causes cells to go into apoptosis so they can be replaced by healthy cells. Or, depending on the issue, the cell begins to behave differently – this is known as altered gene expression.

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